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Joan Marí Cardona lecture series back for eighth year

jornades-estudis-locals-2018The Formentera Council's patrimony department reports that from Monday October 1 and extending to Friday, a week-long programme of conferences in which scholars disseminate findings from estudis locals—literally, “local studies”—or research, conducted on and about the island, will return for the eighth time. Seminars will be staged in the department's conference hall, the Sala d'Actes, from 8.00pm.

In the words of department chief Susana Labrador, “Formentera's cultural heritage is crucial to understanding our island's history and evolution. That's why we began organising this series in 2011, to promote research in this area”.

The following speakers have proposed talks for this year's series:

  • Almudena García-Rubio Ruiz, doctor in physical anthropology, head of the effort to exhume human remains at a mass grave at Sant Ferran de ses Roques cemetery.
  • Francesc Josep Torres Tamarit and Maria del Mar Joan Marí, the former a doctor of cognitive sciences and language, the latter holder of a bachelor's in translation and interpretation. The pair were awarded the Formentera Council's 2016 research grant for “Trets en canvi en el català de Formentera: una aproximació al parlar de la gent jove”.
  • Glenda Graziani Echávarri and Antoni Ferrer Abárzuza, an archaeologist and doctor of history, respectively, and the researchers behind the Can Ramon historical archaeological study.
  • Martí Serra Riera is a graduate in history and the researcher/author behind La Segona República a Formentera 1931-1936.
  • Miquel Mayordomo and Antoni Manonelles, researchers/authors behind Ball pagès: orígens.

The series will take place as follows:

Monday 1 Exhumaciones de fosas de la Guerra Civil en la España del siglo XXI. El caso de Sant Ferran, Formentera (“Exhuming the unmarked graves of the Civil War in 21st-century Spain. The case of Sant Ferran, Formentera”)
Almudena García-Rubio Ruiz

Tuesday 2 Actituds lingüístiques entre els jóvens formenterers i canvi lingüístic (“Attitudes about language: How young people on Formentera think about language and 'the linguistic pivot'”)
Francesc Josep Torres Tamarit and Maria del Mar Joan Marí

Wednesday 3 Can Ramon: estudi històric i arqueològic (“Can Ramon, a historical and archaeological study”)
Glenda Graziani Echávarri and Antoni Ferrer Abárzuza

Thursday 4 Una societat en transició: la Formentera de la II República (“A society in transition, Formentera during the Second Spanish Republic”)
Martí Serra Riera

Friday 5 Ball pagès: orígens (“The origins of Formentera's homespun dance forms”)
Miquel Mayordomo and Antoni Manonelles

Since the lecture series is part of the educational catalogue of CEP, Formentera's resource centre for teachers, the Balearic ministry of education will provide recognition for it to individuals who attend.