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Media Newspaper library Presidency Visit by the Consulate of Morocco to Formentera

Visit by the Consulate of Morocco to Formentera

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Within the framework of the mobile consulate of the Kingdom of Morocco in Palma de Mallorca, the consul general, Mohammed Harit, will visit Formentera today toward the end of facilitating the management of official formalities by Moroccan nationals residing in Formentera. The president of the Formentera Island Council, Jaume Ferrer, will receive his visit.

The presence of the Moroccan consulate in Palma de Mallorca means that a large number of official proceedings can be effectuated for Moroccan residents living in the Balearics. The goal of the consul general's Eivissa-Formentera visit is to benefit local Moroccans by eliminating the need to travel to Mallorca in order to oversee these affairs, thus avoiding all the costs associated therein. The Moroccan consul will for this reason be on hand today and tomorrow in the Pitiüsa Islands.

The Formentera Island Council wishes to thank the Moroccan Consulate for the goodwill demonstrated on the occasion of this visit. All Moroccans living in Formentera will be able to benefit from this first official visit made by the consul to his fellow countrymen.


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