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Media Newspaper library Presidency Initial approval for criteria to regulate tourist stays in local dwellings

Initial approval for criteria to regulate tourist stays in local dwellings

ple 29 nov 2013Initial approval for criteria to regulate tourist stays in local dwellings

The plenary session observed today by the Formentera Island Council saw approval for proposals as diverse in nature as the denomination of 'cultural interest site' for several archeological sites across the island; initial ratification of regulatory criteria for tourist stays in local dwellings; and programming for 25 November, International Day Against Domestic Violence.

In the portion of the plenary session dedicated to official reports and releases of information, the Cabinet Office Decree of 25 November 2013 informed on a list of amendments proposed and pleas to be lodged regarding the Llei de racionalització i sostenibilitat local de l'administració (Law of rationalization and sustainability of local-level public administrations) with respect to the Formentera Island Council and its future treatment under this law. The pleadings drafted and approved by the ensemble of Formentera's political groups at a recent junta of party representatives request recognition of the Formentera Island Council as an office of public administration unique in the local quality of its operations. Thus, Formentera being in no case comparable to a ten thousand-person municipality, the junta's requested recognition is paramount to a reversal of the gains made by the Estatut d'Autonomia (Autonomous Statutes of the Balearic Islands), the text that created the Formentera Council. As for that portion of the Cabinet Office Decree that was subject to vote by resolution, the Cabinet Office's nominations were ratified with an absolute majority, excepting abstention by the Partido Popular and the Grup Independent de Formentera. The second portion was unanimously ratified in a vote by members of the Council of Entities.

The third point of order of the day, the list of nominees for Judge of the Peace, was greeted with unanimous approval, while the fourth and fifth agenda items – relative to the installation of low- and medium-voltage electrical cables – received the nay vote of the Grup Independent de Formentera.

The day's sixth agenda point, a detailed land study in relation to the Sant Francesc bypass road project, also received definitive approval. This vote also saw the abstention of the PP and a nay vote by the GUIF.

Next, the seventh and eighth agenda points of the day were unanimously approved. These were two proposals for the distinction as 'Cultural Interest Sites' of the archeological sites known as Cap de Barbaria I and La Murada de sa Cala. Both sites are listed in Formentera's Catalogue of Cultural Patrimony and both have, since 22 March 2013, had the Formentera plenary's go-ahead to receive official protection as part of the Island Directive for Management of Local Patrimony. The move has also been approved by both the Specific Archeological Commission and the Technical Assessment Commission.


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