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Media Newspaper library Presidency Communiqué by Formentera Council president in anticipation of the Conferència de Presidents, 28 May

Communiqué by Formentera Council president in anticipation of the Conferència de Presidents, 28 May

For the inhabitants of Formentera tomorrow is an extremely important day. It is the day that our island will host the Conferència de Presidents, a meeting between the president of the Balearic Islands Autonomous Community and the presidents of our community's four island councils.

We hail the normality with which our neighbours in the Balearics have greeted such an act's celebration on Formentera. It is a sign of the important evolution achieved by Formentera in the seven years since the foundation of our island council.

We hope that this date serves to prove this fact. That it stands as proof that Formentera can be an extremely useful travel companion on our community's voyage. Proof that even younger siblings have much to offer in the way of lessons for their older kinfolk. The conference will be held at the seat of the Formentera Island Council, but the official acts of assessment to follow the gathering will be celebrated at the dock of Es Caló at midday.

The model employed by Formentera in its trajectory as a tourist destination is one based on the island's natural landscapes and tranquility. One of the local spots that best represents these features is Es Caló.

For this reason, the Formentera Council requested that the assessments to follow the Conferència de Presidents be conducted in Es Caló and it was for this reason that the proposal was accepted by the Presidential Council of the Govern Balear.

The news this morning of the technical report by a subcommittee of Xarxa Natura 2000 – an entity under the authority of the regional government in Palma – green-lighting disembarkation of a 16-metre recreational boat in Es Caló and Es Pujols, was indeed poorly received. However, the Formentera Council has full faith in verbal commitments made by Coastal Demarcations that passenger loading and unloading operations in this location will not receive the office's authorisation this summer.

Our intention, following the anticipated discussion of the issue in today's Conferència de Presidents (item nine [9] of the agenda), is to stand upon the very same dock tomorrow in Es Caló and reaffirm that that location will not be the site of tourist excursions.

Jaume Ferrer Ribas
President of the Formentera Island Council


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