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Media Newspaper library Presidency Council strikes deal with Port Authority on management of La Savina car park through 2015

Council strikes deal with Port Authority on management of La Savina car park through 2015

parkinglasavina2Presidents Jaume Ferrer, of the Formentera Council, and Alberto Pons, of Balearic Islands Port Authority, have reached an accord regarding the signing of a temporary occupancy permit for the Council, putting management of the La Savina car park – located within the physical jurisdiction of the Port Authority – in the hands of the Formentera institution from 1 January to 31 December, 2015. For the transfer of service the Balearic Port Authority will receive 36,623€.

The total parking area occupies 3,438 square metres and contains 283 parking spaces. Included within the management plan are all parking spaces located in the Marina complex, all those lining the port itself and all other parking spaces in the port zone of La Savina.

Excluded under the accord are all spaces located within the Ponent (western) side of the La Savina coastline. This distinction is made in order to separate the parking zone used by La Savina rental care agencies, who will continue using the area for parking until construction is completed on a new parking building at the end of the 2014 summer season. Upon completion, the new building will serve as parking for rental cars and its management will become subject to the recently-signed accord.

As agreed upon by both parties in the agreement, conditions of parking will be decided by the Formentera Council. In the event that a pay-to-park system is ultimately chosen, the Council will itself be charged with staff hiring and management of the service as well as providing any necessary capital. Revenues from any pay parking would be property of the Formentera Council.

President Ferrer said he was “[satisfied] because we've been working on an agreement for a long time, and now we finally have it. Thanks are due to the Port Authority for its collaboration and understanding, especially since the arrival of new president Alberto Pons.”

Ferrer hailed the fact that “the accord allows for a total reconsideration of the system of parking in La Savina. [It does so] without separating the town – whose governance is authority of the Council – from the port – jurisdiction of the Port Authority. It will make possible improved solutions for a problem that many view as one of the most pressing on the island.”

President Ferrer alluded to the next step, to take place “in the coming weeks”. He said it would come in the form of “a proposal for a new parking system, with application across the entire town – and port – of La Savina. Whatever changes there are, they must be positive for both the townspeople and all others involved.”


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