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Media Newspaper library Presidency Council asks Port Authority to require night deliveries of lorries with hazardous loads

Council asks Port Authority to require night deliveries of lorries with hazardous loads

090914materialsperillososFormentera Council president Jaume Ferrer spoke this morning in press conference about a recent request he made regarding the way hazardous materials are transported to the island. The petition – communicated to Balearic Islands Port Authority president Alberto Pons – was that lorries carrying fuel be required to make their deliveries at night.

According to Ferrer, the current system for delivery of such products “is rife with problems and effects a low quality service in Formentera.” The president said his petition was motivated by the fact that “these lorries are on the road precisely when traffic is heaviest. This is also when all of their unloading happens: in the middle of the afternoon. The ensemble causes huge back-ups, especially in the port.”  

Changes to the Port of Eivissa

At the press conference, the FiC president also spoke about Port Authority president Alberto Pons' recent presentation in Eivissa of a project to completely overhaul the port there. Ferrer commended Pons' “inclination to visit Formentera in the coming weeks in order to announce details regarding the plan to rebuild the harbour transit station – known as l'estació marítima – for ferries between Eivissa and Formentera, in addition to details regarding the services to be included at the new facilities.”

As Ferrer reminded those in attendance, “not two years ago, the question of whether or not the port should be reconstructed – the way it had to be done; where to relocate ships bound for Formentera – was an extremely delicate issue, but one that was solved with consensus. The consensus – first between Formentera's local business groups, neighbourhood associations and political parties and then between the different offices of public administration – was reached thanks to two different factors. First, the assurance we had that the information we were receiving was credible, and second, the belief that services would be sufficiently improved at the new facility so as to compensate for increased distance between the maritime station and the city of Eivissa.”

For Ferrer, “this is an issue that must be properly resolved, because Eivissa is the go-to city for Formentera, in much the same way that it is for other towns on that island. Nevertheless, we are the only municipality whose connection to Eivissa town is located several kilometres away. It is imperative that the point of entry and exit for ferries be well-connected to the town of Eivissa itself.”



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