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Media Newspaper library Presidency Formentera asks Govern to foot bill on waste transfer to Eivissa

Formentera asks Govern to foot bill on waste transfer to Eivissa

Planta de TransferenciaIn a letter sent yesterday, Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer reached out to Francina Armengol, president of the Govern Balear, requesting that «the executive authority of the Balearic government assume the full cost of waste transfer from the Formentera transfer station to the treatment centre in Eivissa, Ca Na Putxa». The annual cost of transfer, as is noted in accompanying documentation, does not exceed one million euros.

In his communication with Armengol, the CiF president points out that «this matter is beyond the purview of the island councils and requires action on the part of the autonomous government». In fact, Ferrer argues, the Govern's payment of Formentera-to-Eivissa waste transfer is a determining factor in «assuring the parity and cohesion of the different Balearic islands» and hence, he asserts, falls within the duty of the Palma government. Ferrer also notes that, pursuant to article 138.1 of the Spanish constitution, Madrid offers subsidies to defray rubbish transfer costs.

According to the CiF president, in order to ensure fairness between the respective budgets of Formentera, Eivissa, Menorca and Mallorca, the Govern Balear is under the obligation to assume these costs. «The fact that we're paying this additional cost is due to the greater distance that separates the point of waste production and the point where that waste is taken to be treated. That distinguishing characteristic – our location – creates the need for waste transfer and the resulting added expense». Ferrer concludes by noting that every other island in the archipelago is equipped with its own waste treatment centre.


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