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Areas Social action Public participation Council to offer employment and best practises workshops

Council to offer employment and best practises workshops

Foto visita Participació i TransparènciaFormentera Council president Jaume Ferrer and councillor of community involvement Sònia Cardona met this morning in the CiF plenary hall with the Balearic minister of community involvement, transparency and culture, Esperança Camps, and the director general of community involvement and transparency, Miquel Gallardo. Camps has said the encounter gave the officials an opportunity to share information and thanked the Formentera representatives for their welcome.

For her part, Cardona announced the Council’s plans to host a series of day-long training courses after the summer season that focus on employment and best practises. The administration will ask local associations for input to determine the scope of the different courses. According to Gallardo, the Govern will also be playing a part in the programming as well.

The idea of the day-long courses is to create more professional development and experience-sharing opportunities for members of Formentera’s different associations. A handful of non-local groups with strong records will be invited as well, and organisers will endeavour to ensure high participation by making classes dynamic. Cardona indicated that at the end of the courses, a best practises manual will be published to serve as a guide for the on-going work of associations and the Council’s own departments.

The officials also used the morning gathering to discuss the Council’s plans for a portal to ensure transparency in local governance and the Govern’s draft laws on elections and anti-corruption.

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