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Areas Social action Sports Half marathon participants determined today by draw of lots

Half marathon participants determined today by draw of lots

mitja marato sortidaAccording to the Office of Sport of the Formentera Council (CiF), today, Friday, November 18 at 12.30pm, a draw of lots will be held to determine participants of the Formentera Half Marathon. The drawing will take place at the head office of the CiF under the supervision of a notary public. Registrations ended Tuesday, November 15 at 23.59pm.

A total of 3,067 and 1,514 applications were received for the half marathon and the 8K run respectively. In recent years the pool of would-be runners consistently exceeded the number of spaces available, which is why, explained CiF sports councillor Jordi Vidal, “the drawing was devised as an objective way to determine which individuals obtained the 1,700 and 800 spots available in the half marathon and 8K footrace”.

The lists of potential runners in both races were sent to Dr Javier González Granados, the notary public selected by the Council to supervise the drawing. A computer programme will produce random numbers that will be used to establish a roster of 2,500 participating runners.

Councillor Vidal thanked all the applicants for their interest while underscoring the need to limit entry, citing the importance of “ensuring the races can take place safely and in conditions that allow participants to enjoy the event”. Wishing better luck in future drawings to all the runners who fail to make today's final list, Vidal urged them to visit Formentera during any other part of the off-season, a moment he called “ideal for sport”.


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