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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Tourism planning and Economic activities Through discounts and bonuses, Compra a Casa! encourages residents to shop local

Through discounts and bonuses, Compra a Casa! encourages residents to shop local

foto campanya compra a casaToday, the Formentera Council's Office of Trade unveiled a push to encourage Formentera residents to buy local. The Compra a Casa! (“shop at home”) campaign is framed as a boost to local business, not to mention the restaurant sector, during the low season on the island. The initiative, which began this December, proposes discounts and bonuses based on a system of loyalty cards.

Thirty-seven businesses, including shops, restaurants and one of the island's two gas stations, have to date signed on to the campaign. One condition of adhesion is a business's opening at least eight months in one year. Establishments pledge minimum discounts of 1.5 per cent (shops) and 3 per cent (restaurants). Accumulated savings, saved on shoppers' customer loyalty cards, can be cashed in at any participating business.

The discounts accrue on an account that belongs to Formentera's coalition of small and medium sized business, contributors to the initiative. In turn, the coalition (PIMEF) is charged with administering both the associated app, Formentera365, and the loyalty cards. The Council covers all of the costs of the initiative, including its implementation and annual maintenance.

In addition, the Formentera365 app, cost free for shoppers, will allow business to propose their own offers and shoppers to consult the sum of their amassed discounts.

At the same time, an awareness-raising effort is envisaged to promote local commerce and the importance of buying local. Accompanied by PIMEF chair Pep Mayans, CiF tourism and trade councillor Alejandra Ferrer described the process as beneficial to everyone, “not only because it stands to breathe life into our streets and create business for our tradesmen, but also in that it makes for an increasingly rich panorama for Formentera residents in winter”.



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