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Areas Social action Education Formentera pupils sketch their grandparents

Formentera pupils sketch their grandparents

Entrega premis concurs dibuix 2016 1At 11.30 this morning, the vice-president and education councillor of the Formentera Council, Susana Labrador, together with the administration's social welfare and youth services councillor, Vanessa Parellada, met at the Formentera Day Centre to attend the awards ceremony for a drawing contest. “Els meus avis” (“My grandparents”) was organised by the Council as part of the celebration behind Universal Children's Day. Users of the Day Centre were in charge of handing out prizes to six winning school children and two others who received honourable mention. All were given a 50-euro voucher, to be used either on educational or sports supplies according to the youngsters' preference.

The contest boasted participation from a total of 500 students from across Formentera's schools. One hundred fifty drawings were selected and will be displayed at the Day Centre entrance through February. On the jury sat professionals and Day Centre users alike. This year has been the second that the administration organises the drawing contest. As part of this year's theme, participants were asked to depict their grandparents.

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