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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage Renewed work at Cap de Barbaria II dig site

Renewed work at Cap de Barbaria II dig site

Foto arxiu es cap iiFormentera Council's Office of Heritage has announced that workers at Cap de Barbaria II will soon begin consolidating and restoring sections two and eight of the archaeological site. The crew's roster of restorers and archaeologists includes Margalida Munar, Bernat Burganya, Antoni Puig and Pau Surera. The group is led by Munar and Burganya.

From 2014 to 2016 various portions of the site were restored and consolidated—area nine in 2014, six and seven in 2015 and one and three in 2016. That work occurred alongside the respective digs underpinning a research project into the archaeology, heritage and society of Formentera's prehistoric communities. The project ran from 2012 to 2016 and was co-directed coordinated by Sureda.

According to CiF heritage councillor Susana Labrador, the years-long efforts already carried out to restore Cap de Barbaria II mean there is all the more reason to continue. With roughly one third of the site already covered, Labrador estimates full restoration is not far off.

Efforts to consolidate and restore are considered preventive archaeology. A piece of legislation titled “decret 14/2011” establishes a framework for archaeological and paleontological work in the Balearics, and the Cap de Barbaria II initiative has already received the favourable opinion of a related archaeological commission.

Open day
This Saturday an open day gathering and cleanup will take place at the Cap de Barbaria II site from 9.00am to 1.00pm. Organisers have reached out to local residents to ask for help clearing the area of overgrowth. Together with a snack, volunteers will be treated to explanations on the project by the ArqueoBarbaria team.

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