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Areas General Services Presidency Formentera celebrates as Council turns ten

Formentera celebrates as Council turns ten

Actuacio aires formenterencsLast night, in the plenary hall of the Formentera Day Centre, an audience assembled to celebrate ten years since the creation of the Formentera Council, an event that was overseen by the administration's former secretary, Marta Enciso. Current CiF secretary Ángel Navarro was there to take a look back at the legal challenges that, given the particular nature of its story, the administration has faced since its inception.

Also on hand to recall the unique period of overhaul was the man who played the role of Formentera's representative (or diputat), Pep Mayans. Then came Isidor Torres, who served as the batle (“mayor”) of the Ajuntament de Formentera, and offered the event's attendees a history lesson of Formentera residents' struggle for increasing self-government.

The first chairman to sit atop the new administration—the Council (Consell)—closed the ceremony with a speech that was full of gratitude. He thanked all those who had made the administration's restructuring possible and looked toward the future, explaining, “something we gained with the change from Ajuntament to Consell was greater ability to address our local problems locally” even as he asserted, “there's still plenty to go”.

Other attendees included former Ajuntament mayors Victor Tur, Vicent Escandell, Vicent Serra and Juanma Costa and one-time representatives Encarna Magaña, Santi Ferrer and Sílvia Tur. Also in attendance were Pilar Costa, who serves as chief of the Balearic Islands president's office, Santiago Marí, senator for Eivissa and Formentera, Ibiza's economy and tax office councillor, Gonzalo Juan Ferragut, educational envoy Margalida Ferrer and, the last person to chair the united Eivissa-Formentera Council, Pere Paula.

Spokespersons from the political parties with representation in the Council—Bartomeu Escandell for Gent per Formentera, José Manuel Alcaraz for the People's Party (PP), Ana Juan for PSOE, Omar Juan for Compromís—attended the event too. So did councillors on the CiF's governing team—Rafael González, Vanessa Parellada, Jordi Vidal, Sònia Cardona, Enrique Llorens (PP), Ana Negre (PP), Rafael Ramírez (PSOE) and Cristina Costa (Compromís)—and an array of former councillors and administration officials.

Musical entertainment was provided by Aires Formenterencs and hor-d'oeuvres were served as the evening concluded.


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