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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Tourism planning and Economic activities Formentera heads to Brussels for two-day working session

Formentera heads to Brussels for two-day working session

Foto grup visita comissio europeaCiF vice chairwoman Susana Labrador, tourism head Alejandra Ferrer and environment councillor Daisee Aguilera will participate this week in working days hosted by the European Commission for government officials in island communities. The three representatives, in Brussels from July 10-12, are part of a delegation of Balearic officials that includes members of the Govern and the island councils in Mallorca, Menorca and Eivissa, together with representatives from FELIB, the Balearic Islands' federation of governing bodies.

Formentera's council members will resume participation today in a two-day series of meetings on tourism, standardised regulations, European transport, regional and urban policy, trade, strategic investment funds, broadband connections and air traffic regulations.

Tourism chief Alejandra Ferrer drew European officials' attention to the impact of European open circulation on natural resources in the Balearics. Pointing to the case of Formentera, Ferrer described “the need to establish limits in order to become sustainable,” saying European rules could present hurdles for attempts to limit incoming vehicles.

Regulating tourism
Another issue raised in Brussels was the need for EU action on holiday home rentals. Given the growing problem of regulating tourist accommodation, Ferrer said, “Europe's legislation needs to adapt to the realities of every community” and pointed to the importance of “making sure the effort to regulate vacation home rentals doesn't undercut the fundamental right to housing”.

In several other of the day's sessions, hosted by the European Commission and Centre Balears Europa, the Balearic policymakers voiced their concerns on issues like petroleum exploration in the Mediterranean and free trade pacts and their impact on the islands.

Today's programme will conclude with with a fresh set of meetings with the EU representatives and a visit of the hemicycle and other European Parliament buildings.



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