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Formentera water use drops 7.7% in June

Telectura formenteraCiting figures released by Aqualia, the Formentera Council has reported the island's June water use was 83,668 cubic metres (m3), or 7.73% less than last year, when it was 90,860m3. A downward trend marked the first half of 2017, when aggregate water use was 7.05% lower than the same period in 2016 (January to June). Particularly significant was the downtick in the water that was used by lorries during the month of June, 14.53% below last summer's figure.

Despite the generally positive nature of the data, Formentera environment councillor Daisee Aguilera called on islanders to use water mindfully, particularly in summer. The councillor reminded water users of the large energy and environmental footprint that production entails, especially given locally-sourced water must be desalinated.

Eduardo del Castillo, chief of Aqualia's Balearic division, pins the decline on two factors. First, rains in the autumn and winter filled many homeowners' private cisterns, meaning families which previously had a lorry deliver their water were opting to go without the service this year. Second, Aqualia have embarked on a series of network upgrades.

Distance operations
Aqualia are increasingly able to control their equipment remotely thanks to electronic, IT and telecom support. They marshal the technology to constantly track for possible service failures (leaks in reservoirs, sporadic spikes in use on the network, undue pressure on the system, problems affecting water flow, etc.). “This gives us a clear overall picture of the service,” explained del Castillo, “which means we can act immediately should anomalies arise”.

Distance readings of water metres in Sant Ferran were behind detection of eleven incidents in the past six months. Seven of those were leaks of an average of 17 litres (l) an hour, 85,680l per month, or 1.04 million litres/year. As with similar efforts previously in Sant Francesc, Ca Marí and La Savina,

Current work by the Council to switch out old water pipes in Es Pujols's central neighbourhood is akin to previous efforts in Sant Francesc, Ca Marí and La Savina. That, plus waterproofed reservoirs in Sant Ferran and Es Pujols, have led to the improved water use figures.


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