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One month on, compost collection 'off to a good start'

Foto recollida organica bar centroThe Formentera Council's Office of Environment has released figures following a one-month trial of compost collection across 47 of the biggest waste producers in Sant Francesc's town centre. From June 19 to July 23, crews collected 26,494 kg of compost, or an average of roughly one tonne per day. The CiF environment secretary applauded participants for the pilot programme's “increasingly positive figures”.

With help from the Leader group, the testing phase of the project sought to gauge the impact of compost collection among some of Formentera's largest generators of organic waste—restaurants, bars, cafés, supermarkets, fishmongers, butchers and flower shops, for instance. The trial also included Formentera's hospital and early-childhood learning centre, or escoleta, as well as, in recent weeks, businesses at the island's industrial park. Each participating establishment was given special, small-sized bins that collection crews picked up nightly. According to Councillor Aguilera, the project aims to meet the targets laid out by a waste management directive which is currently in the works.

The environment chief hailed the success of the initiative, which, “generally, has been very well received,” she said. Aguilera thanked businesses for their cooperation and encouraged them to stick with it. “Your work is contributing to improved waste management strategies,” she promised. The initiative is overseen by one environmental fieldworker who is also tasked with improving recycling strategies of other materials.


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