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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Environment Two illegal encampments ousted from Illetes beach

Two illegal encampments ousted from Illetes beach

Foto campament platjaAfter apprising coastal authorities of two unauthorised encampments on Illetes beach, CiF Office of Environment crews joined officials from demarcació de Costes on visits to the sites in question, seeing to it that their occupants dismantled them. It has been the third such incident this month.

Crew members from two yachts—95-metre Kismet and 71-metre Titania—had pitched numerous items on the seashore without possessing any of the permits required to do so.

One of the outposts measured 30m2 and consisted of a covered stand, 12 hammocks, 5 umbrellas, 2 easy chairs and markers staking out the area. In the other case, the individuals arrayed a 40m2 space with a shade tent, two food tables, two chairs, an umbrella, paddle surf boards and bathing material like towels and creams.

'Our beaches belongs to everyone'
In the words of the CiF environment secretary, “on Formentera public land belongs to everyone”. Barring specific exceptions, Councillor Daisee Aguilera pointed out, private use of beaches is prohibited. “What concerns us is that today's occurrence is the third of its kind in the past month,” she said. Aguilera took the opportunity to voice thanks to two parties: locals for collaborating by reporting cases when they spot them, and Costes for helping keep beaches public.


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