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Areas Social action Education Formentera's early-learning 'escoletes' start year with 106 pupils

Formentera's early-learning 'escoletes' start year with 106 pupils

Foto escoleta 2 0918The Formentera Council's education and culture offices wish to announce that from Monday, September 18, the island's two early-childhood education centres, or escoletes, are back in session. The two schools, sa Miranda and Camí Vell, had closed their doors on September 1 for upgrades.

It is back-to-school season for the families of 106 girls and boys on the island; seventy-nine children attend classes at sa Miranda and 27 go to Camí Vell, in 9 classrooms (7 in sa Miranda; 2 in Camí Vell). Esperança Sunyer is the schools' director. She is joined in her work by 18 educators, two kitchen personnel and two cleaning workers.

In all, very child aged two to three who requested a spot received one. There are three newborns and six 1- to 2-year-olds on the waiting list.

In the first half of September, crews carried out €56,000 in upgrades at the two escoletes. Sa Miranda had humidity problems, grounds were refitted and new drywall installed in four rooms, improvements were made on one walkway and an access ramp was put in for deliveries.

At l'Escoleta del Camí Vell, various upgrades were carried out. Humidity spots were removed from two classrooms and new turf was put in the courtyard. The work team comprised the education and culture departments' staff specialists, teachers and the CiF maintenance and work crews.

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