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Areas General Services Presidency First stage of harbour upgrades set to begin in November

First stage of harbour upgrades set to begin in November

Visita apb 2Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer met today with Balearic port authority chief Joan Gual de Torrella at the Casa del Mar building in la Savina. Bartomeu Escandell and Rafael González, the secretaries of the president's office and infrastructure, respectively, were joined by other officials and staff specialists from both administrations.

Gual de Torrella announced the first phase of upgrades the la Savina port would start in November and be completed before next summer. The initial part of the undertaking, which will include improvements on car parks north of la Savina's port, where the lighthouse is located, will optimise the flow of passengers and vehicles through the harbour. The project also involves upgrades of roads and pedestrian zones in the port's service areas. The winning bid put the project's estimated cost at €599,811 before taxes.

According to the port authority chief, improvements are also planned for the fisherman's wharf, including modernising the crown wall and asphalting the wharf, during those same dates. Together, the two projects are expected to cost €457,154 and €137,187, respectively.

Looking ahead, Gual de Torrella pointed to November 2018 plans for part two of the upgrades: the la Savina waterfront. Specialists and senior officials from the Council and the port spoke today about what those projects would look like.

For his part, President Ferrer welcomed both the news of the November start date and the projected pre-summer completion, which, he noted, the Council had initially requested. Ferrer applauded the Balearic port agency for seeking the Council's buy-in on the harbour upgrades, “a sign of respect for the ideas that our Council and our neighbours have for la Savina and for the island”.


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