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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Infrastructures and services Formentera works to ensure safe access to nursery and municipal sports pitch

Formentera works to ensure safe access to nursery and municipal sports pitch

Foto cami segur cami vell1The Formentera Council's mobility office is overseeing a series of upgrades conceived to make Camí Vell de la Mola safer between Sant Francesc and the public buildings that house the nursery and the municipal sports pitch. The €15,000 project will be finished by November 30.

The project entails the creation of two lanes for pedestrians and cyclists, one on either side of the road, a change that mobility secretary Rafael González explained was primarily about safety. The breadth of the road —five metres— will remain unchanged, though it will be split in three: one 3-metre-wide lane for vehicle traffic and two lanes (at least 1 metre across) for people on foot or on two wheels.

Something else that remains untouched on the thoroughfare is two-way vehicle traffic, though the speed limit will drop to 30K/hour and signage will be posted to give walkers and bike riders priority. González says that under the new system, “when two vehicles cross paths, one must yield to the other, without disturbing foot or bicycle traffic,” two groups the secretary assured would always have priority.

Obtaining islanders' buy-in
The measure aims to “promote walking and cycling as an alternative to car travel” and “encourage people setting out from Sant Francesc,” —a mere 900 metres from the nursery and sports pitch, he noted— “to consider making the journey on foot, particularly since so many who visit the facilities are children for sport-related activities”. The most recent mobility study, conducted in August and October of this year, counted a high of 94 cyclists and 12 pedestrians in a three-hour period.

The upgrades are part of a pledge by the administration's senior councillors and the socialist party, PSOE, in the most recent 2017 budgets.

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