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Areas Social action Social Welfare International Women's Day supporters pack central Sant Francesc plaza

International Women's Day supporters pack central Sant Francesc plaza

Dia internacional dona 1Some 400 answered the call for a 12-noon assembly at Sant Francesc's plaça de la Constitució in observance of International Women's Day.

The day got started an hour earlier as gender equality campaigners mounted stands around the plaza offering information and messages of advocacy. At approximately 12 noon, islanders began to congregate before the entrance of the administration's head office. An atmosphere of festive solidarity permeated the square amidst the feminist call to halt business as usual. It was an effort to draw attention to demands of funding and resources for the Spanish central government's pact on gender violence. More broadly, attendees added their voices to the call for a society free of violence against women, for respect for sexual diversity, the right to make decisions about their own bodies, the full decriminalisation of abortion, and the right to an education free of hetero-patriarchal values.

At the heart of the general strike was the demand for equal assessment of domestic and care work, not to mention answers on issues like job insecurity, retirement benefits under attack and regulating domestic work.

Observance of strike
The offices of the Council saw 100% participation in the call to stop working for two hours. Four-point-seven per cent of administration staff observed the day-long strike.

Other International Women's Day activities
At 5.00pm, the Sant Ferran library will welcome Maritza Caballero as she presents island youngsters with Cuentos para valientes, a storytelling session about equality.

Then, at 7.30pm in the Office of Culture's hall of ceremonies (Sala d'Actes), supporters of gender equality are invited to attend a screening of the documentary Excluídas del Paraiso. A discussion will follow.




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