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Officials drop in at sa Senieta, future home of Formentera museum

Foto sa senieta 2Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer, joined by regional tourism secretary and vice-president of the Govern balear, Bel Busquets; regional culture secretary Fanny Tur; local culture and patrimony secretary Susana Labrador and the island's secretary of tourism and land, Alejandra Ferrer, took a visit this morning to the “casa de sa Senieta”, the future seat of the Formentera museum.

Sa Senieta
The Council bought the property on December 19, 2017 for €2.5 million, of which one million came from the so-called “Sustainable Tourism Tax”and another million and a half from the Balearic ministry of culture. The remaining one million was put up by the Formentera Council.

Vice-President Busquets highlighted the significance of the sustainable tourism levy in the purchase. Sa Senieta —which Busquets calls“part of Formentera's cultural heritage”— will house the island's museum, giving, in Busquet's prediction, visibility to the benefits of the tax, “not just for the Balearics, but for Formentera in particular”.

President Ferrer held up cooperation between administrations as crucial to the sa Senieta purchase going through. According to Ferrer, the acquisition —a long-standing request of locals, he said— was“fruit of the partnership between the Council and the Balearic government's ministries of tourism and culture”.

The Balearic minister of culture, Fanny Tur, pointed to additional funding to the tune of €0.5 million to adapt the building for use as a museum.

Proof of sa Senieta's importance locally, the home is the only site on the island which is catalogued and designated pursuant to a piece of legislation known as “Llei 12/1998” concerning historical heritage sites in the islands.

In addition to sa Senieta, which will house a permanent collection and general services for the public, Formentera's future museum network will consist of two other spaces: la casa de Can Ramon will host exhibitions culled from the Formentera museum's ethnographic collection and the lot adjacent to another local landmark, el Fossar Vell, will feature archives, a specialist library, a conference hall and exhibition gallery, a drop-off and reservation spot and a research area.

The local circuit, a quality service for residents and tourists alike, will meet all the requirements of the museum legislation of the Balearic Islands.



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