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Areas Social action Sports Formentera to host discussion of children, health and sport

Formentera to host discussion of children, health and sport

Foto Xavi CanellasFrom 9.00am on Saturday, April 28, Xavier Cañellas will lead an informational session and training programme focussed on children, health and fitness in the local cinema (Sala de Cultura).

Cañellas, a psychoneuroimmunologist, speaker and instructor whose experience spans numerous master's and courses, is also the co-author of the book “Nens sans, adults sans”.

In modern society we are often unaware of the broad changes we have made to our habits and surrounding environment. Unhealthy eating habits, long hours at work and lack of physical exercise are just some of the factors that make for an artificial environment which can wreak havoc on our health. The resulting list of ailments, allergies, intolerances and mental disorders is a long one.

During the Saturday session, Cañellas, who encourages actively engaging in our processes of healing, will guide us in our attempt to uncover the root causes of these ailments, rather than simply attacking their symtoms. He stresses changes in nutrition and lifestyle as measures to restore health, solve emotional conflicts and improve our quality of life. The following subjects will be discussed: Fact and fiction about food; Intestinal microbiotics; Fitness—a need, though not an obligation; and Children, health and sport.


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