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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage Archaelogy course offers deep dive into building studies

Archaelogy course offers deep dive into building studies

Foto curs arqueologicThis Friday and Saturday, Formentera will be the site of a course on archaeological methodology and buildings. The classes are geared mainly for archaeologists, historians and architects of both general and technical expertise whose work involves constructions of noted cultural or historic value.

Organised jointly between the Formentera Council's patrimony department and the archaeology section of the Balearic Islands' college of doctors and bachelors of philosophy and sciences, the course offers a look at archaeological methodology as applied to buildings (often referred to as “vertical archaeology”). Ten hours of course time are spread across theory-based and practical sessions on how to apply archaeological methodology when looking at sequencing in construction projects.

The classes will unfold in the conference hall of the Council's department of culture and patrimony. Pursuant to Formentera's strategy on land use, the local code of minimum standards, and the island's catalogue of cultural heritage sites, instructors Camilla Mileto of the Universitat Politècnica de València and Josep M Vila of Barcelona's Universitat Autònoma will aim to highlight the criteria and work habits that ultimately make for higher standards in the historical and archaeological studies the Council commissions.

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