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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Environment Formentera consolidates and expands recycling programme for organic waste

Formentera consolidates and expands recycling programme for organic waste

foto dia reciclatge 2018 2The Formentera Council's environment office took the opportunity of International Recycling Day to distribute special composting sacks to businesses in Sant Francesc which took part in last year's test run of a door-to-door programme to recycle organic waste.

Last year, one hundred tonnes of discarded organic material were collected and mixed with shredded plant trimmings. A roughly eight-month maturation process resulted in three hundred cubic metres of high-quality compost for gardens and agriculture.

CiF environment secretary Daisee Aguilera thanked the participants in last year's trial in Sant Francesc and underscored the importance of recycling organic rubbish. The secretary highlighted the importance of “consolidating the cycle of organic matter”, and beamed about the current measure's potential to “restore the inherent utility of organic waste” at the same time it “helps to reduce the volume of material entering landfills”. Aguilera professed renewed ambition in what she maintained was an already very successful recycling programme on the island. “This year we've been named the biggest per capita glass recyclers in the nation,” she said. “We're hoping that sort of active participation will continue across local business, because organic waste recycling helps us all”.

Following the success of last year's recycling push, the Council moved to extend organic waste collection to the entire island. Over a five-month period that began May 15, one hundred seventy local businesses classified as “medium- to large-scale waste producers” will be able to recycle their organic refuse at points along two established routes. In addition, businesses will have at their disposition an environmental ombudsperson and three patrol staff available to provide assistance and field questions about the initiative.

Last year Formentera's €90,000 organic waste initiative received €32,000 in subsidies from the environmental arm of the LEADER programme. It is hoped 400 tonnes will be collected this year.


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