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Areas General Services Presidency Formentera Council lists two openings within administration

Formentera Council lists two openings within administration

foto borsa de treball 2018The Formentera Council is announcing the conditions of eligibility for two job posts: one, for an administrative assistant and another, for a library aide.

Individuals interested applying to the administrative position can review the terms on the website of the Balearic Islands job seekers' service (the BOIB), the Council's own website (by clicking on the human resources tab from the bulletin board), or at the physical bulletin board of the Citizen Information Office (the OAC).

The deadline is ten calendar days from the publication of eligibility requirements on the BOIB website. Candidates can submit their applications in person at the OAC, or online via the OVAC.

Applicants to the administrative position have until Monday, June 18 to apply, while candidates for the library aide opening must do so by Wednesday, June 20.


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