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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Environment Two months in, organic waste pickup programme keeps 210 tonnes of waste out of landfills

Two months in, organic waste pickup programme keeps 210 tonnes of waste out of landfills

foto materia organica 1The Formentera Council's environment office reports that from May 15 to today, 210 tonnes of organic waste has been collected as part of a programme in which 146 local establishments participate.

In 2018 the administration expanded the service every corner of the island. In the process, two circuits were created to assure organic rubbish pickup for the island's medium-sized and large waste generators. Adherents to the service benefit from an advisory service which is headed up by an “eco-educator” (informadora ambiental) and three agents are responsible for overseeing patrol operations.

Environment secretary Daisee Aguilera hailed the current campaign as highly successful and thanked participating businesses for their collaboration. “Organic waste pickup helps us optimise our waste management operations”, said the consellera, “and it adds up to real savings in the money we spend transporting rubbish to Eivissa”.

Separating plastics
Aguilera called to mind a similar push in 2017 that resulted in pickup of 100 tonnes of organic waste that was subsequently mixed with green garden clippings. The roughly eight-month process generated some three hundred cubic metres of high-quality, garden- and agriculture-ready compost.

Two employees from a firm called Apfem-Aktua which works to integrate at-risk members of society have joined the campaign this year. Their job is to sift out non-biodegradable plastic material from the compost which is scattered across fields, a process which maximises the quality of the final product.


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