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Formentera to host course on wood restoration in traditional architecture

foto restauracio fustaThe departments of culture and patrimony of the Formentera Council are teaming up with the small and medium-sized business group of Eivissa and Formentera, PIMEF, to present a course on restoring wood in traditional architecture.

Conceived for the range of professionals typically enlisted in reforms of architectural features at cultural heritage sites (architects, building engineers, builders, carpinters and restoration specialists), the course begins with a deep-dive into theory before moving on to practical matters covering everything from the characteristics of wood materials to common problems and potential remedies.

Course instructor Marisa Justo graduated with bachelor's in art history, obtained certification in restoration practices and holds a master's in rehabilitating architectural heritage sites. The 20 hours of instructional time will take place afternoons from 4.00 to 8.00pm. The course is free and registration will be conducted through PIMEF.

Wooden roofs, a signature element of traditional architecture on Formentera, often require cleaning, treatment and other maintenance to restore pieces that are still able to exercise a structural function. The Council's cultural heritage department believes in training islanders employed professionally in the construction industry, because these will later be the ones enlisted to carry out works projects on historic buildings.

Training on the techniques and materials used in traditional architecture is encompassed in Formentera's cultural heritage management plan for 2017-2019, adopted by the plenary assembly of the Formentera Council and in effect today.