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Formentera celebrates co-ops

cooperativa-1-The Formentera farmers' co-operative, or Cooperativa del Camp, announces that this Saturday October 6 the Casal d'Entitats in Sant Francesc will be ground zero of the local observance of International Co-op Day. The event is being organised by the Balearic Islands federation of co-operatives and Formentera's own farmers' co-op. Support is provided by the regional ministry of work, commerce and industry with additional help from the Formentera Council.

The programme starts 12 noon, when heads of participating organisations will oversee a welcome ceremony. The main event, a round-table discussion about legislation which casts “microco-ops” as socioeconomic drivers, will be moderated by farmers' co-op head Carlos Marí and include Enric Pozo and Jaume Orell. The event is scheduled to finish by one p.m.