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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage Day of learning about children, wellness and sport on Formentera

Day of learning about children, wellness and sport on Formentera

foto nens salut i esportThe culture office of the Formentera Council has selected the department's Sala d'Actes to hold a discussion led by Xavier Cañellas. The gathering will kick off at 9.30am on Saturday October 20, and will focus on the island's so-called “values plan” concerning children, wellness and sport.

Cañellas is a psychoneuroimmunologist, lecturer and professor involved in an array of master's programmes and courses, plus coauthor of “Nens sans, adults sans”.

Often in today's world we're not conscious that our routines and surroundings reflect a fairly stark departure from the natural state of things. Junk food, long days at the office and lack of physical exercise or “sedentariness” are just some of the ways our artificial environment takes a serious toll on our health, often manifesting themselves in the form of allergies, intolerances and mental disorders.

For this Saturday's course, Cañellas will share how to uncover the causes of our ailments instead of merely tackling the symptoms, part of what he calls an “active approach” to healing. Cañellas emphasises the role of dietary and lifestyle changes in restoring wellness and resolving emotional conflicts if real quality of life improvements are desired.

Topics covered during the course will include “Fact and fiction about the food we eat”, “Gut microbiota”, “Sport: a need, not an obligation” and “Children, wellness and sport”.

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