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Areas Social action Education Two Formentera pupils named finalists in water work's Digital Kids' Contest

Two Formentera pupils named finalists in water work's Digital Kids' Contest

foto Aqualia dibuix 1The environment and education offices of the Formentera Council announce that Munay Guzmán Westcott, a pupil of CEIP Mestre Lluís Andreu, Stefan Cionabu Alexandru, who attends CEIP Sant Ferran de ses Roques, have been selected by Aquàlia in the water work's Digital Kids' Contest (Concurs Digital Infantil) as part of World Water Day.

CiF secretaries of environment and education Daisee Aguilera and Susana Labrador were joined by Maria del Mar Yern, the head of Aqualia’s municipal water service, in giving the children their prizes.

The young students' contributions were picked from more than eight thousand across Spain and Portugal.

This year's subtitle—“the stirring journey of water”—serves to remind youngsters of the hard work home water service requires. Pupils visited www.aiguaperagrifus.cat for videos, comics, activities and other educational material for the project, which was open to year three and four primary school students in areas Aquàlia operates.

As prizes were handed out, Daisee Aguilera offered “initiatives like this put Formentera youth in the position to see just what it takes to get water to their taps—all the parts of the water cycle—so that we're truly grasping the importance of this resource around the world, and at the same time learning how to be more responsible in how we consume it”.

Del Mar Yern, for her part, applauded the children's participation and praised the cooperation of the Council, schools and teachers.

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