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Formentera pupils get woke with help of plastics campaign

foto sense plasticThe Formentera Council reports that, as part of the environment offices' support of “Be Blue. Trasmapi Formentera Care Project” and with the collaboration of an array of businesses and groups, local schools are gearing up to host “Towards a nature without plastic”, a competition that seeks to educate local children about plastic waste and using recycling bins to dispose of plastics.

The classroom clinics will be kids' chance to learn about the environment and recycling as they draw in an associated workbook and play Kahoot, a game which, to win, participants must correctly answer ten questions about plastics. Three collection bins installed on the island in recent months have been relocated to the schools so that youngsters can try them out for themselves and get in the habit.

While the contest is only open to year one and two pupils in la Mola and Sant Ferran and their counterparts at Mestre Lluís Andreu in Sant Francesc, everyone at the schools can use the recycling bins. Data from the individual bins will be parsed to determine which of the schools managed to recycle the most.


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