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Areas Social action Social Welfare Open call for organisers of 17th Festa Intercultural

Open call for organisers of 17th Festa Intercultural

foto-festa-intercultura-20181The Formentera Council's social welfare office has scheduled a public meeting to organise the island's 17th Festival Intercultural for 8.00pm on Wednesday January 30 in the Casal d'Entitats.

Department chief Vanessa Parellada encouraged islanders to come take part in what she called “an idea sharing session where all are welcome. It doesn't matter if you are a member of a specific association or not; what we want is for people to share the unique qualities about their origins”.

The gathering will serve to establish a working group to get organisation of the April festival off the ground. Last year roughly twenty countries and Spanish regions were represented in the event and, said Parellada, “showcased their gastronomic and cultural heritage—and that, in turn, amounts to the whole island's heritage”.

For more information visit the social welfare office (àrea de Benestar Social) or telephone 971 321 271.




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