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Areas General Services Presidency Formentera hosts seventh first ministers' conference

Formentera hosts seventh first ministers' conference

foto-confere--ncia-presidents 2The Formentera Council hosted today the Conferència de Presidents, or “Conference of Presidents”, which saw the participation of the presidents, or first ministers, from across the Balearics: Francina Armengol (Balearic Islands), Jaume Ferrer (Formentera), Vicent Torres (Eivissa), Susana Mora (Menorca) and Miquel Ensenyat (Mallorca). Other Govern officials present for the event were deputy first minister and innovation, research and tourism minister Bel Busquets; chief of the first minister's office Pilar Costa, and land, energy and mobility minister Marc Pons.

The group met with members of the press after the gathering, where President Ferrer thanked the officials and media reps for their efforts, particularly on a day like Monday. He reminded everyone of the date the conference was originally scheduled —November 26— and how a storm that battered the Mediterranean that day meant it had to be postponed. “Sometimes chance is on your side and sometimes it isn't”, said Ferrer, “once again today wind and rough seas have thrown our port's ability to stay open  into doubt, but that is a faithful representation of how things go here”.

As to the content of the meeting, Ferrer referred to tomorrow's predicted approval in parliament of legislation that sets out emergency measures for environmental and tourism sustainability on Formentera. He described the legislation as fruit of “a years long effort” and “broad political and social support successfully brokered via the island's league of community leaders”. The local first minister highlighted the approval offered by that entity —the Consell d'Entitats (“Council of Entities”)— for the regional land ministry's draft legislation. “If we manage to secure approval tomorrow we'll be very happy”, said Ferrer, “Formentera residents have long advocated for the ability to regulate vehicle ingress, especially in the high season”.

'One for the Councils'
For her part, Govern first minister Armengol welcomed the “spirit of inter-administration collaboration that will lay the groundwork for Parlament's support tomorrow for a pioneering law on Formentera's environmental and financial sustainability”. “We're cutting dangerous emissions and attending the needs of local residents” explained Armengol, “and we've also included €350,000 in direct help for public transport and private transport alternatives”.

The presidenta of the Govern also underscored the administrations' efforts this legislative term around “funding upgrades, power hand-offs, improved inter-administration collaboration and this, the seventh 'Conferència de Presidents'”. All of which are clear signs, she said, “that this legislative session is one for the Councils”.


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