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Formentera presents local 'Water Pact'

pacte-aigua-formentera1The Formentera Council's office of environment reports that tomorrow, Tuesday February 26 at 7.00pm in the hall of ceremonies, Eivissa and Formentera's Aliança per l'Aigua (Alliance for Water) will oversee a presentation of the local “Water Pact”.

The four basic objectives underlying the measures of the Pacte per l'Aigua are quality guarantees on water supply and drought risk prevention; appropriate waste water purification; repurposing of purification plant water and mud for agricultural, urban and environmental use; and lastly, recovery from local aquifers and water ecosystems.

Environment councillor Daisee Aguilera encouraged islanders to come to the open info session to contribute to the strategic plan for managing “a resource that is not only key in socioeconomic terms, but also from an environmental standpoint”.

The idea of the pact is to promote the engagement of local groups to drive and develop basic measures to improve the current water situation in the immediate future. Alliance for Water sees water as a crucial issue for the economic development and environmental sustainability of the island.


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