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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage Formentera celebrates regional holiday with music, gastronomy and sport

Formentera celebrates regional holiday with music, gastronomy and sport

dia-de-les-illes-1At 12 noon today, plaça de la Constitució became the scene of the Formentera Council's celebration of Dia de les Illes Balears—“Balearic Islands Day”—and an address by CiF deputy chair Susana Labrador. Labrador spoke of the Balearic parliament's passing of legislation for Formentera's environmental and financial sustainability as the milestone event of the year, calling it “a tool that will put us in charge of how many vehicles we want on the island, thus preserving the tranquility that has made the island so well loved among islanders and tourists alike”. Labrador, who is also councillor of culture and patrimony, wrapped up her speech by decrying the fact the Mediterranean Sea is becoming “a graveyard for thousands and thousands of individuals who come to our country in search of a new life”. “We must be a voice for all the victims who have been silenced”, said the councillor, “Today, a day of togetherness, let's raise our voices against this injustice. We can't be a just society if we contribute to the silence”.

Immediately after Labrador's address the spotlight turned to local dance troupes es Pastorells and es Xacoters, who offered a demonstration of the valuable and intangible heritage that —thanks in no small measure to the troupes' dedication and efforts— has endured to today.

Afterwards attendees were treated to a sampling of signature local food like coca bread, octopus and orelletes.

The programme continues this evening with an 8.00pm concert in la Mola's Casa del Poble. IMARÀNTIA (Maria José Cardona on vocals and guitar and Miquel Brunet on piano) will be joined by Majorcan group GO CACTUS, winners of Art Jove 2018.

The day's celebrations cover a wide array of sporting events as well, like the seventh Balearic basketball tournament, which began yesterday (Thursday) in the Antoni Blanc fitness centre and ends today (Friday). Teams from around the region are participating in the fixture.

There are two other special items on the programme. One goes from today to Sunday and is the Balearic Class Techno 293 windsurfing championship. The other takes place tomorrow (Saturday) and is the eighth Formentera All Round Trial.

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