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Areas General Services Presidency Councillors meet in plenary to OK plan to regulate vehicle ingress on island

Councillors meet in plenary to OK plan to regulate vehicle ingress on island

ple-marc---extraordinari prems2The Formentera Council convened a special full assembly where the “yes” votes of Gent per Formentera (GxF) cabinet councillors and Socialist councillors, and despite the abstention of Popular Party and Compromís councillors, meant approval of a deal between the Govern balear and the Formentera Council to mount and manage floating pontoons and environmentally-friendly buoys at Estany des Peix pond in the Eivissa-Formentera ses Salines reserve.

Under the deal the Formentera Council will oversee watercraft moorage at Estany des Peix once the Palma administration completes a related plan and secures approval of it by the coastal authority. CiF environment councillor Daisee Aguilera praised the move, saying it “would finally give the Formentera Council the power to recover one of the island's trademark natural sites”.

Managing vehicle entry
The full-house assembly also brought approval, thanks to “yes” votes from GxF and PSOE party reps and despite PP and Compromís abstention, for the proposal to cap vehicle ingress and establish a period of limited entry, circulation and parking on local public roads in 2019.

Assembly members voted similarly on a fee for the entry, circulation and parking permit, and again on the tax ordinance regulating it.

Mobility councillor Rafael González pointed out that the programme's rollout would be limited to July 1-August 31, and that starting April 15 related information could be found at formentera.eco. Tourists can pre-register on the platform and, from mid-May, complete the normal registration. The website will also be a place where islanders can obtain permits for private vehicles or confirm authorisation (“blue zone” parking clearance will automatically entitle motorists to bring their vehicle, park and drive on the island during the period of regulation).

González added that this year the cost of a permit would be symbolic. Visitors from outside the islands will pay a euro per day to bring a car and fifty cents a day for scooters. He hailed the advance of what he styled as a “grassroots initiative with origins in the Consell d'Entitats” as well as the announcement that “2019 is the first year Formentera won't have more vehicles in summer than it did the previous year”. “This is not just a win for Formentera's sustainability”, he insisted, “it brings us closer to balance between tourism and a healthy environment, and to ensuring that both visitors and islanders get what they want out of the island”.

Councillor-elect Verónica Castelló also assumed her seat as Compromís party representative, filling a position left vacant by Omar Juan.

March 27, 2019
Formentera Council
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