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Casa del Poble accord

conveni-casa-del-poble premsa1CiF chairman Jaume Ferrer met with Jaume Escandell of the la Mola Associació de Majors (Seniors Association) to put their signatures on a collaborative agreement between the group and the administration. The deal defines the terms of a temporary arrangement whereby, in addition to a grant to help cover maintenance and operating costs—like for promoting and sustaining association-based and community activities—the Council lets the Associació de Majors use the Casa del Poble's administrative facilities and multipurpose cultural space.

The Formentera Council's €30,000 grant, aimed generally at helping the Associació de Majors function and meet costs like maintenance, is also designed to stimulate the social sphere—organising and coordinating not-for-profit programming at the Casa del Poble at least once a week (this condition will not be enforced in summer).

April 2, 2019
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