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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage "Mobil", intimately-scaled circus theatre for youngsters

"Mobil", intimately-scaled circus theatre for youngsters

la-gu--asa--mobil-3jThe culture department of the Consell de Formentera reports that at 6.00pm on Saturday 23 November, the doors of the Sala de Cultura-Cinema will open for La Güasa’s Mobil, a family-friendly circus production specially tuned for children four and up. Admission is €5 per child and free for adults.

With an unsteady hand, with fragility and tension, Mobil tells the story of a simple man and a complex machine. Unfettered by dialogue, the intimate solo production blends circus and object theatre, as the actor-juggler-bouncy ball bouncer extraordinaire conjures the world of clowns and develops an interactive stage presence that brims with energy.

Ninety per cent of the props are recycled materials pushed into service as on-stage contraptions together forming a mechanical labyrinth, as the confluence of mini realities whips audience expectation to a frenzy.

Mobil has received an array of accolades, among them the 2014 FETEN prize for best direction and the ACA prizes for best individual production and best stage design. The show is part of the Consell de Formentera’s Illa a Escena and the Spanish culture ministry’s Platea programme.

THE COMPANY: La Güasa Circ Teatre

The most punctilious production to emerge from the creative minds of La Güasa’s troupe of Córdoba natives, Mobil is the product of untold research—the culmination of which is equal parts object, machine and man. Adrien Batiot and José Luis Ruiz’s stage design is an expression of painstaking detail, and one that is emboldened under Pepa Gil’s direction. Preceded by a hard-fought reputation as a prodigious juggler, Mobil’s freewheeling Belgian lead now boldly faces his latest challenge: an intimate, one-man show, the component parts of which must function with clockwork precision; where the heft of the object and of scenography are counterbalanced by the awareness and emotion of live art and the trademark surprise of the circus. And a measure of humour all about, but of course.

20 November 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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