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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage For group show this Christmas, local artists pay tribute to David Vergara

For group show this Christmas, local artists pay tribute to David Vergara

foto-expo-nadaljp-1-Last night, participating artists in a group show at the Ajuntament Vell gallery pulled back the curtain on a tribute to David Vergara. Formentera’s president and culture chief, Alejandra Ferrer and Susana Labrador, seized the chance to congratulate the group on an exhibition that has been included in the island’s Christmas holiday programme.

Thirteen Formentera artists from a breadth of disciplines will display paintings, sculptures, comics, collage and pottery in a show that runs until 6 January. Texts have been written by the honoree’s daughter Luz and Brenda Novak.

Consellera Labrador described the display as “an homage” to Vergara, who together with his wife Sabine, “newly arrived on the island in 1995, became the driving impulse for art and exhibitions at the Sala d’Exposicions”. “Even though both have left us, their memory will always be right here in the gallery that they filled time after time”, she proclaimed.

Contributing artists at the show include Robert Hawkins, Aaron Keydar, Mar Ample, Franz Kokowashi, Anna Ametller, Enric Riera, Maribel Escandell, Diana Massiliauskas, Teresa Matilla, Josep Ma Moreu, Pilar Mena, Juan Moreno and Lesley Hulme. The exhibition will be open from 11.00am to 2.00pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm until 6 January.

3 December 2019
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Consell de Formentera

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