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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage Ramonets, heavy-hitters on Christmas lineup for kids, play Formentera this Friday

Ramonets, heavy-hitters on Christmas lineup for kids, play Formentera this Friday

ramonets feshotumateixp1Formentera’s culture and festivities department reports that at 7.00pm on Friday, 6 December, children in Sant Francesc at the Jardí de ses Eres festival tent will be treated to a free concert by Ramonets.

“It’s a guaranteed good time—for children and chaperones”, said culture and festivities chief Susana Labrador, highlighting “the Valencian rock’n’rollers’ animated blend of learning and fun”.

The band will be plugging their third album and the most personal to date—a collection of songs penned, this time, by the group themselves. It marks a departure, but the tongue-in-cheek humour and original Ramonet spirit are still in full effect. From getting their as a showstealing Ramones tribute band for kids, the hometown boys have increasingly seen their horizons widen.

Interactive show

Organisers insist that Ramonets are more than just a rock band. In addition to the musicians and technicians, the Ramonets team includes a dedicated kids’ entertainment expert. Known as an “animator”, the individual works the crowd, parades an array of costumes, dances, populates the stage with props and interacts with audience members. Handlers insist that “the animator changes it from a concert to an interactive show—and something that kids will go wild for”.

Ramonets are also about promoting the use of Catalan. Original Ramones’ compositions are translated into Catalan, and reworked for Ramonets’ audience. Fun, festive subjects are intermixed with songs that speak to equality, recycling, ecological advocacy and YOLO philosophy—values the band says they hope will remain important for children.

For more details, visit the Ramonets website: http://www.ramonets.com/

4 December 2019
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