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Areas Social action Social Welfare Consell helps more than 300 islanders apply for guaranteed minimum income

Consell helps more than 300 islanders apply for guaranteed minimum income

The Formentera Department of Social Welfare reports that in the last two weeks it has handled more than three hundred applications from islanders hoping to obtain “guaranteed social income” (renda social garantida), a subsidy unlocked exceptionally by the regional government amid the Covid-19 health crisis. The department processed 237 requests directly, passing along information about 76 other potentially eligible households so the Govern balear could process the cases itself.

According to social welfare chief Rafael Ramírez, the one-off assistance is meant to cover basic costs of individuals, families and other “coliving units” who face situations of acute economic hardship and do not receive unemployment benefits, subsidies, social security pensions, furlough payments or other public assistance.

For now, the government says it will offer the help in April and May, though availability will depend on how situation develops. Eligible individuals who missed the April deadline may benefit from another round of assistance if they apply by 10 May.

The social welfare conseller described the number of households who had received the FDSW’s support as “substantial compared to other administrations”, saying the figure “gives us an indication of the scale of the social crisis before us”. Ramírez also applauded the work and commitment of his department’s staff since the start of the health crisis.

FDSW has intervened in more than one thousand local cases since the Covid-19 crisis began, referring households to an array of services under the department’s umbrella of programmes and retooling services to meet changing needs.

20 April 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera




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