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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Mobility As formentera.eco returns, island’s scheme to count and cap in-bound vehicles extends free permits to visitors

As formentera.eco returns, island’s scheme to count and cap in-bound vehicles extends free permits to visitors

The Formentera Department of Mobility reports that from 1 July to 31 August, vehicles brought or driven on the island will once again be subject to the formentera.eco regulatory scheme. As department chief Rafael González pointed out, though this season’s exceptional circumstances mean visitors will benefit from a full rebate of associated fees, the project itself “isn’t going anywhere; we don’t want the public health crisis to affect the model of sustainability we’ve worked toward for years”.

Drivers who wish to operate a vehicle on local roads in July and August must first obtain a permit on the formentera.eco website, and, as part of a one-off measure this season, the process can be done at no charge. The reservations portal will go online Wednesday 10 June, the same day drivers who opted to secure a spot early can begin confirming pre-bookings. An e-mail will go out in the days ahead with details on those steps, which motorists will have ten days to complete.

Resident permits
Conseller González pointed out that while Formentera residents would once again be exempt from fees, all but those motorists who already possess up-to-date accreditation to park in metred blue zone spaces must still apply for the formentera.eco permit. Drivers can request a parking pass or check the validity of the one they have by visiting formentera.eco and entering their vehicle plate number.

Rent-a-car agencies
Car hire companies can request accreditation for rental fleets by first obtaining a username and password from the Formentera Department of Mobility and then visiting a special section of the formentera.eco website.

As in years past, a reader in La Savina will the scan number plates of in- and out-bound vehicles in order to confirm they are registered. Fines for failing to possess accreditation vary from €1,000 to €10,000.

Formentera.eco 2020
In 2020, the cap on in-bound vehicles is set at 21,487—four per cent lower than in 2019, when the limit was 22,382. According to the conseller, the administration’s roadmap for the current legislative term envisions “sensible and progressive” progress that, in the space of four years, will translate into 16% per cent fewer vehicles on the island. That means lowering the ceiling by 4% every year, a goal which González continues to stand by: “It’s an end-game that reflects the Formentera we want to preserve today and for generations to come”.

5 June 2020
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