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Areas Social action Education Formentera’s escoletes reopen 15 June

Formentera’s escoletes reopen 15 June

The local office of education reports that municipal early-learning centres Sa Miranda and Camí Vell will reopen from 15 June. Escoletes will be limited to half of their normal capacity, or 54 of 108 children enrolled. Priority will go to families for whom balancing work and childcare is particularly problematic, households at increased risk of social and economic hardship and those in which children receive special protective care.

According to education consellera Susana Labrador, department personnel previously contacted families to gauge childcare needs and from next week will once again reach out to those who opted to send children back to school. Parents of returning youngsters will be informed of new protocol for drop-offs and pick-ups, which will be staggered in an effort to avoid groups.

Labrador indicated the return to classrooms would happen in line with Covid-19 safety and hygiene protocol—instructors, for example, who will be unable to maintain a safe two-metre distance, must wear masks. The consellera highlighted “the team’s investment and parents’ understanding”, which she described as “key to making sure the back-to-school effort feels as normal as it can given the circumstances”.

Infant groups will accommodate no more than four children per group; one- to two-year-old groups will be limited to six, and a nine-child maximum will be in effect for two to three year olds. Children must take turns in the patio space and open-air activities are encouraged, with the adjusted instructor-pupil ratio enabling teachers to adapt educational activities to new guidelines.

The nurseries will open from 7.30am to 2.30pm, with both early drop-off and cafeteria service available. Children’s temperature must be taken before they come to school, and anyone with a temperature of 37.5 or more must remain at home. As in previous months, educators will be assigned to families of children who do not yet return to school.

5 June 2020
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