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Street dance hits Formentera

cartell 2020 L Illa a EscenaWith the new season of L’Illa a Escena fast approaching, Formentera has begun preparing for the arrival of Let’s dance about Love, the latest offering from Lleida-based dance troupe Dancescape.

A two-performer production that discusses love using the language of movement, Let’s dance about Love treats audiences to a tour of the multiple phases of love —particularly the puppy variety— and narrates the journey through dance, musicality and language. The atmosphere that crystallises is one in which protagonism is shared between the dancers and the crowd: they find common ground in sensations, recognise one anothers’ feelings, thoughts and experiences... It is these experiences that will permit the vivacious choreography of Let’s dance about love to raze the walls between dancer and spectator.

Love is something you feel, something you talk about, something you dance...

The show starts at 7.00pm on Saturday 3 October at Sala de Cultra (Cinema). Tickets are €5.

Tickets must be reserved in advance. Bookings can be made until 10.00am, the Friday before the show, by sending an email to reserves@conselldeformentera.cat.

30 September 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

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