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Formentera streamlines renewal process for metered parking in la Savina

Zona regulada de la Savina foto premsaThe Formentera Council's office of transport has announced a series of changes to the system for requesting or renewing parking passes for metered parking in la Savina. According to department head Rafael González, from tomorrow, 1 March, Formentera residents and businesses will be able to apply online on the OVAC (Citizen Information Office).

As the programme enters its second year, the Council is taking the opportunity to simplify certain parts of the process. “The fastest way to get a parking pass is to apply online”, says González, who also points out that new accounts are activated within 48 hours of applying. This step also allows for individual application data to be stored in the system's database, which is what enables parking pass holders to obtain free parking tickets.

This year residents will notice the disappearance of the decals drivers were required to affix onto their car's windscreen. Authorised green and blue zone parkers need only to enter their licence number into a parking meter and print out a ticket—“exactly as we've been doing till now”, González highlighted. Formentera residents are reimbursed 100% of the ticket cost, so parking in la Savina is still free.

The councillor of transport highlighted other modifications in the regulated parking system, such as the ability to pay a simple monthly fee. By paying €200 per month in summer or €100 per month in winter, drivers can forego the ticket system. New modalities have also been added. A 50% reimbursement for nonresident house or flat owners (and renters staying more than three months) means the monthly fee is cut to €100 in summer and €50 in winter.

Another change requested by la Savina residents has been a reduction of the blue and green zone parking times; they went from 9 a.m. to 12 midnight to 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Info concerning the service has recently been updated on www.aferraliaparca.com, where users can have their questions answered and complete their application online. Additional information can be requested at the Formentera Council's office of transport or by visiting the Citizen Information Office, in person, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Plenary members vote to ban quads in Ses Salines park

Foto ple febrer premsaAttendees of today's plenary meeting of the Formentera Council have agreed unanimously on the initial draft of revisions to Ses Salines parking directive. Transport councillor Rafael González described the changes as “aimed at promoting sustainable transport within the limits of the protected zone” while still “conserving the natural surroundings”.

Among the major tweaks highlighted by the councillor is the regulated control of vehicle access to the park—from 10 May to 30 September for Illetes and 1 June to September for Es Cavall den Borràs—“a change intended to bypass parking difficulties in those areas”, declared the councillor.

Another policy shift trumpeted by González: “Four-by-four vehicles will no longer be allowed access to the park, given concerns about the damage they inflict on the surrounding environment and traffic safety”. Said the head of transport: “We've decided to regulate four-by-four entry into the park because it's the spot on the island where the traffic situation is the prickliest”. He added: “The Council is working with rental agencies so that these [four-by-fours] can be gradually phased out”, saying the vehicles known popularly as quads aren't compatible with the sustainable transport the Council is seeking to promote.

Regulating bus access

Moreover, the Council has moved to regulate bus access to Ses Salines in light of buildup during the most popular travel times. On regular service routes, one bus may enter the park per half-hour and at no additional cost. As for service-by-request routes, the one-bus-per-half-hour quota still applies, but drivers must pay between €0.80 and €1.20 for a parking space (depending on the season). Between 12 noon and 5 p.m., access is forbidden flat out.

As for heavy-load vehicles, typically carrying merchandise to area restaurants, “access will be restricted during the busiest hours of tourist transit”, according to the councillor. Transport vans and lorries will be able to access the area until eleven in the morning and after five—or seven—in the evening, depending on the time of year. Councillor González pointed out that other changes included updating the removal protocol for illegally parked vehicles. He indicated the revisions had generally been welcomed even by opposition members of the Council, which explained their support for the measure.

Parking in la Savina

Plenary attendees also voted unanimously to ratify the accord for a government commission that will oversee payment rebates on parking in la Savina. Explained González, “we've made some adjustments to reduce the administrative workload and streamline the process for Formentera residents requesting or renewing their parking pass”.

Escoleta nursery schools

All representatives at the plenary voted to support a proposed revision of the Council's interior directive on public nursery schools (escoletes) as well as the tax ordinance to finance them. In that regard, education councillor Susana Labrador highlighted increased enrolment at the schools in recent years. “Formentera's nurseries now accommodate 130 children aged zero to three, compared to just 38 in years past”, pointed out Labrador. She said that expansion proves the Council's dedication to providing the much-needed service to local families and, moreover, heralded a greatly-reduced 2015-16 waitlist (it comprised three toddlers) Labrador said was thanks to the opening of the nursery school located at the football pitch”.

Councillor of sport reports on recent action

Jordi Vidal, councillor and head of the office of sport, provided an account of his office's activity over the past year. During the report back, Vidal received positive valuations from all the municipal groups that participated. Among the different actions from this past year he highlighted the creation of Formentera's athletics school, the programme to promote sportsmanlike values, the expansion of opening hours at the fitness centre/swimming pool to include Saturdays and the new funding model for local sports clubs. He also declared: “Formentera is working with other branches of the public administration to create a space to offer nautical sports services”.

Formentera to coastal authority: make new walkways accessible

passareles 03The Formentera Council's office of mobility has contacted the Balearic coastal authority to request  «the removal of architectural barriers in the recently-installed waterfront walkway». The appeal was made by Formentera's councillor of mobility Rafael González in a letter sent today to Gabriel Pastor, director of Coastal Demarcation Baleares.

Resident complaints

The Formentera Council hopes its intervention will help solve a problem which has been reiterated in numerous grievances since December. Resident complaints have taken issue with the «design of the new duckboard footpaths at different locations along the Formentera coastline». The remodelled walkway follows the same path as before but «changes have been made to the height, the angle of inclines and beach access points», González said. The head of mobility noted that ramps at entry points have been replaced by very large steps.

Following receipt of the complaints, the CiF office of mobility ordered a technical report taking stock of the new walkway design. The report mentions «spots where walkers could easily fall distances of more than a metre» and notes other points of «difficult access to beaches, especially for individuals with reduced mobility and families with baby prams».

Positive review of the remodel

Nevertheless, Councillor González gave a positive review of the coastal authority's investment in the Formentera coastline and indicated it «is necessary for the regeneration of the island's dunes». Still, he said Formentera hopes for a solution that can combine «dune regeneration with proper beach access for everyone».

Hence the Council's petition to «eliminate the architectural barriers in the walkways installed in Formentera in the final trimester of 2015». In his letter, Councillor González highlighted the importance of «removing the stairs and barriers that are problematic in the current walkway».

González said the Council is ready to answer any questions on the subject and provide the coastal authority with any additional information. He indicated the Council's willingness to discuss different possible solutions to the problem.

L'aparcament regulat de la Savina reduirà l'horari de pagament a l'estiu «a petició dels veïns»

Ple desembre 2015 premsaEl Consell de Formentera ha celebrat avui el darrer ple d'aquest any 2015. A la sessió plenària s'ha donat compte de l'aprovació definitiva del Pressupost del Consell per al 2016 i de l'acord de Comissió de Govern relatiu a la presentació de 12 al·legacions a la Llei de l'impost sobre estades turístiques. La consellera de Turisme, Alejandra Ferrer, ha volgut deixar constància de què la institució insular es posiciona «a favor de la introducció impost sempre que el seu caràcter sigui finalista i repercuteixi en la millora directa del medi ambient».

El Ple també ha aprovat la modificació inicial de l'ordenança fiscal reguladora de la taxa per estacionament de la Savina i de l'ordenança reguladora del servei d'estacionament d'aquest nucli. Aquestes propostes han rebut el suport de tots els grups polítics menys el Partit Popular que s'ha abstingut. El conseller de Mobilitat, Rafael González ha explicat les principals modificacions de l'ordenança, d'una banda, davant la petició de l'Associació de Veïns de la Savina i comerciants de la zona el conseller ha declarat que es reduirà l'horari de pagament del pàrquing regulat per la pròxima temporada, en lloc de ser de 9.00 del matí a 12.00 de la nit, serà de 9.00 a 21.00 hores, «ja que en aquestes darreres hores del dia s'ha detectat que no hi havia problemes d'aparcament».

L'altre gran canvi que ha explicat Rafael González és que es crearan abonaments mensuals que costaran 200 euros/mes a l'estiu i 100 euros/mes a l'hivern, els residents de Formentera que paguin l'impost de circulació a Formentera tindran bonificada el 100% d'aquesta taxa. D'altra banda, les persones propietàries o arrendataris durant més de 3 mesos d'un habitatge a la Savina tindran una bonificació del 50%, encara que no siguin residents. Així mateix, el conseller ha explicat que no es tornaran a expedir els adhesius acreditatius per poder aparcar gratuïtament a la Savina sinó que «el control es farà amb els tiquets dels parquímetres».

«Quedaran exemptes de la regulació i no tindran la necessitat de treure tiquet els vehicles de persones que tinguin mobilitat reduïda», segons ha remarcat Rafael González. Per últim el conseller ha dit que la institució treballa per trobar un aparcament dissuasiu, però en el qual només es podrà aparcar un vehicle com a màxim 5 dies seguits. El Partit Socialista i Compromís amb Formentera han valorat positivament el primer any de funcionament del pàrquing regulat. El PP ha criticat la rapidesa amb la qual diuen la institució ha fet els canvis.

Al Ple també han aprovat per unanimitat la proposta de creació i aprovació inicial del Reglament de voluntariat esportiu. Així mateix ha obtingut el vistiplau de tota la cambra la proposició del grup socialista relativa a la introducció de sistemes de generació d'energies renovables als edificis del Consell i altra relativa a sol·licitar al Govern d'Espanya a fer efectiu el dret a l'habitatge.

Alternate car park in la Savina closes

The Formentera Council was unable to renegotiate a rental contract for the land used for the 'dissuasive' car park in la Savina. Located on a lake-side lot opposite the Illes Pitiüses park, the site provided an alternate parking solution for drivers who don't have the free-parking decal. Cars currently parked in the lot must move their vehicles from it in the days to come.

Administration officials lamented their inability to reach an understanding with the lot owners and continue giving drivers in la Savina an alternative to the system of regulated parking. The department of transport is working to find another space where drivers can park for free even if they don't have the pass required for the blue and green zone parking system.

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