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On May 18, Marnaton returns to Formentera

marnaton-2018-12The sport department of the Formentera Council reports that the Formentera Marnaton will take place May 15 to 18. Also taking place over the same period is Raid Formentera, a three part trial with circuits of up to 17 kilometres, and, on May 18, the third Travessia de Formentera, including 4K and 11K circuits.

David Campà, the Marnaton's managing director, describes the Marnaton as “a one of a kind fixture in a breathtaking setting” and emphasises the goal, as in years past, “is to protect the local ecosystem”.

The Marnaton will once again encompass both the Raid and the standard trial.

Formentera Raid
At the three-day multi-stage event, over the course of which participants crisscross the island covering a total of 6,500 to 17,000 metres, teams of one swimmer and one kayaker will complete three stages selected according to weather conditions.

Third Formentera Marnaton
In sync with the final leg of Raid, another trial is set for Saturday May 18 and will see participants covering distances of 4 and 11 kilometres. Attendance at the exclusive event is limited to 300 distance swimmers, the aim once again being to preserve the island's natural environment.

Some five hundred are expected to turn out for the events, both of which are included under the umbrella of Discover Formentera in May, a Council-backed push to draw visitors at the start and end of the traditional summer season. The campaign covers the Marnaton as well, an eDreams-sponsored event with versions in Barcelona (May 4), on Formentera (May 18), in Begur (June 9), Sant Feliu de Guíxols (June 29) and Cadaqués (September 14).

April 10, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Council teams ups with Illa de Formentera tennis club

foto-conveni-tennis1CiF president Jaume Ferrer and the president of Illa de Formentera tennis club, Jorge Jiménez, sat down to make official the administration and the club's partnership agreement for maintenance and use of the Council's tennis and padel courts in 2019.

Under the terms of the deal, the Formentera Council allows the tennis club to use, run and maintain the municipal courts on camí de Porto-salè. The administration pledges €11,000 to cover management and maintenance. The club, Club Tennis Illa de Formentera, must facilitate access, use and enjoyment of the space for other organisations, plus other imperatives like assuring the site's regular maintenance and staffing.

April 5, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Council joins forces with Grup Esportiu Espalmador

foto-conveni-grup-esportiu-esp1CiF president Jaume Ferrer met with Juan José Escandell to sign into effect an agreement between the administration and Grup Esportiu Espalmador to support and organise sporting events and support fitness and women in 2019.

The object of the deal is to help develop events such as the cycling race Ruta Illa de Formentera, the De Far a Far footrace, the Illa de Formentera mountain-biking cup, Milla Urbana, Pujada a la Mola, “Challenge” and the John Tunks memorial race.

As part of the deal, GEE also pledges to implement the “Esport i Dona” programme to promote women's participation in the sports GEE specialises in, like athletics, bike riding and triathlon competition.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Council will give GEE up to €12,000.

April 5, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Formentera honours top athletes and sport groups in 2018

This evening came with the celebration of Formentera's 2018 Gala de l'Esport (“Sport Gala”), an event where the deeds of individuals, associations, sport clubs and private entities are recognised and honoured for their devotion to sport.

The following distinctions were delivered:

-Best sponsoring organisation: Trasmapi. For supporting Formentera's sport entities; helping organise and promote sporting events on the island; offering boundless support for Formentera's sport schools.

-Award for trajectory in sport:  Juan Zapateria “Zapa”. This distinction answered to one individual's efforts over an entire lifetime, competing and practising sport in an array of fields. For promoting sport on the island; the years of support he has altruistically given to the world of sport. From 1983 to 1987 Zapa served as the local minister of culture and sport. For a career of tireless efforts as athlete, leader and meet organiser. For promoting values like hard work, commitment, participation and respect for others.

-Best athlete of the 2018 season: Andrea Romero. The athlete was the 1,500m indoor track national champion. First national ranking for club cross-country. Romero one 41st in Europe's cross-country championship and the top ranking in the Balearics for 3,000 metres.

Awards regulations allow “proposal to the jury of certain special distinctions for people whose particular trajectory makes them deserving of honour”. This year, the jury found clear reason to award this special distinction to one local athlete with an exceptionally long career in sailing, still active in competitions and the 2018 winner of World Raceboard Championship, Alex Buchau.

The panel of jurors, comprised spokespeople from a range of sports entities and political parties represented on the Council, was presided over by the CiF sport councillor. Administration chair Jaume Ferrer, honorary panel chair, was responsible for picking winners. The award ceremony took place in the evening of Friday February 1.

Formentera holds drawing for participants in 11th half-marathon and 8K run

foto places mitja marato 2018 2The Formentera Council department of sport reports that the drawing overseen by local notary public Javier González Granado to determine spots in the island's XI Mitja Marató (“11th Half-marathon”) and 8K run took place on Wednesday.

Sport councillor Jordi Vidal described the raffle format as “the fairest way to make sure everyone who wants to run can do it”. Vidal said the 2019 runs, both scheduled for Saturday May 11, have already received participation requests from 4,693 runners.

Three-thousand spots
Officials drew 2,000 spots for the Half-marathon and half as many for the 8K run. Of the 4,693 obtained, 3,033 were for the Half-marathon and the other 1,660 for the 8K circuit. A computer programme generated the first number in the series used to calculate the participants in each event.

The drawing for Half-marathon runners started at 1,506, meaning any runners with numbers from 1,506 to 3,033 and 1 to 472 were awarded spots. The starting point for the drawing for the 8K run was 146, so winning participants were those with numbers between 146 and 1,145 inclusive.

Individuals whose numbers are among those selected have from December 21 to January 10 to confirm participation. If spots remain at this phase, a new series of numbers will be drawn picking up from where both drawings left off. The second round of drawings and subsequent confirmation will take place January 14 to 21, with additional drawings to follow as necessary. Updated dates will be posted to the CiF website and social media.

Runners exempt from drawing
Any runner who has competed in at least five editions of either run will receive what is termed a “direct spot” and be exempt from the drawing process. These individuals will be sent email instructions during pre-registration about accessing the platform for signups.

Formentera residents are exempt from the drawings as well. Islanders should complete their requests at the CiF sports department, or àrea d'Esports, where they will be given an access code for the registration page.

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