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Council and Club Surf Formentera team up to run new water sports facility

Foto obres futur cenIn an effort to put to use the Formentera Council's provisional facilities on Estany des Peix, CiF chief Jaume Ferrer and Alex Buchau, vice president of Club Surf Formentera, signed a deal to coordinate management of Formentera's municipal nautical sports school in 2018.

Under the deal, CSF can use the administration's facilities and nautical equipment to direct operations at the school. The club also gets €35,000 to coordinate, manage and maintain the site.

CSF also pledges to hire enough staff to develop the school's activities programme and provide cleaning.

Future site of water sports centre
The island's nautical sports centre (Centre d'Esports Nàutics, or CEN) is currently under construction. In the service of Formentera's nautical sector, the new facilities will include administrative and information areas, a training space and the new headquarters of the island's school for water sports.

Construction of the CEN will cost just over one million euros and is due for completion in six months.

Formentera to host discussion of children, health and sport

Foto Xavi CanellasFrom 9.00am on Saturday, April 28, Xavier Cañellas will lead an informational session and training programme focussed on children, health and fitness in the local cinema (Sala de Cultura).

Cañellas, a psychoneuroimmunologist, speaker and instructor whose experience spans numerous master's and courses, is also the co-author of the book “Nens sans, adults sans”.

In modern society we are often unaware of the broad changes we have made to our habits and surrounding environment. Unhealthy eating habits, long hours at work and lack of physical exercise are just some of the factors that make for an artificial environment which can wreak havoc on our health. The resulting list of ailments, allergies, intolerances and mental disorders is a long one.

During the Saturday session, Cañellas, who encourages actively engaging in our processes of healing, will guide us in our attempt to uncover the root causes of these ailments, rather than simply attacking their symtoms. He stresses changes in nutrition and lifestyle as measures to restore health, solve emotional conflicts and improve our quality of life. The following subjects will be discussed: Fact and fiction about food; Intestinal microbiotics; Fitness—a need, though not an obligation; and Children, health and sport.

Council partners with island tennis club

Foto conveni tennisPresident Jaume Ferrer sat down today with Jorge Jiménez, chair of the island's local tennis club, to make official a new partnership between the two entities. As part of the deal the Council pledges ten thousand euros in support for Club de Tennis Illa de Formentera in 2018.

The Council will let the club use municipal tennis and paddle tennis courts and put it on the hook for maintenance operations.

President Ferrer highlighted the island's “firm commitment” to tennis and paddle tennis. “That we're here today extending that engagement, as we have since 2013, is further proof”, he said.

Mr Jiménez welcomed the Council's support wholeheartedly, saying it allowed the club a certain degree of “peace of mind”. “Knowing we can count on this help on an annual basis makes moving forward that much easier”, he confided. The club offers training to 50 players, young and old.

Council backs 7 sports events organised by Grup Esportiu Espalmador

Foto conveni GEE 2018Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer and Grup Esportiu Espalmador chairman Juanjo Escandell put their signatures on a deal to provide the sport club with €7,000 in support.

The administration's money will finance seven sport gatherings held on the island: the fifth Far a Far footrace (April 22); road-racing cyclists' sixth Trofeu Ciclisme (March 25); mountain bikers' fifth Copa Illa de Formentera (May 6); the 33rd Milla Urbana (July 15); the 23rd Pujada a la Mola (October 12); Volta cicloturista, another event for mountain bikers (October 26-28); and the 40th John Tunks Memorial run, also known as the “Constitution run”.

President Ferrer praised the efforts of the Espalmador club in organising the races and promoting athletics, cycling and triathlons on Formentera. Mr Escandell, for his part, showed his appreciation for the administration's support, saying “thanks to this help from Council we're reducing registration fees and guaranteeing a fine initiative can continue”. CiF sports secretary Jordi Vidal, who was also present, saluted the sport club's work encouraging fitness on the island.

V Cursa Far a Far
Precisament el Grup Esportiu Espalmador, conjuntament amb l’àrea d’Esports del Consell, organitzen aquest proper diumenge 22 la Far a Far, que enguany arribarà a la seua cinquena edició. Com cada any, la Far a Far unirà els dos fars de l'illa amb 26 quilòmetres de recorregut.

L’hora de sortida des del far de la Mola serà a les 09.00 h per la Caminada Popular i a les 11.00h per la cursa, mentre que l’hora límit d’arribada al far des Cap es marca a les 14.00h.

La retirada de dorsals es farà el dissabte a la recepció del Poliesportiu Antoni Blanc entre les 18.00 h i les 20.00 h (Cursa i Caminada) i el diumenge 22 d'abril a la zona de sortida, far de la Mola, entre les 8.00 h i les 9.00 h (Caminada) i de 9.00 a 10.45 h (Cursa). Per ser una zona protegida i difícil accés amb pàrquing limitat només es podrà accedir a la zona de sortida amb autocar facilitat per l'organització. Les sortides es faran de la Savina - far de la Mola (Sortida) 07.45 h i 09.30 h, i del Poliesportiu Antoni Blanc - far de la Mola (Sortida) 08.00 h. i 09.45 h.

Així mateix, l'organització habilitarà llançadores pel retorn des del far d'es Cap, arribant a la Savina i passant pel Poliesportiu Antoni Blanc. Ja hi ha gairebé un centenar de participants registrats, per bé que fins aquest divendres 20 d'abril a les 22.00 h encara es poden realitzar les inscripcions a la web: www.elitechip.net.

Aquesta prova s’emmarca dins del calendari d’esdeveniments esportius que s’organitzen a Formentera en primavera i temporada baixa per a donar a conèixer l’illa com a destí esportiu, oferint d’altra banda als seus participants experimentar una Formentera especialment tranquil·la en la millor època per gaudir dels seus paisatges.

This Easter, Formentera becomes a judo stronghold

Foto judokesFrom Thursday to Sunday, the Antoni Blanc fitness centre will play host to two judo-related events: the 26th edition of an educational retreat, el Stage Internacional de Judo; and the Frutos JL, a memorial cup, or torneu, now in its twelfth year.

Approximately 170 martial arts buffs are anticipated when the pair of events return to the island for another long weekend of competitions, learning and training. Judokas (“judo students”) from Formentera's Club Dojo will be joined by their counterparts from Eivissa, Mallorca, Alacant and Toledo as well as the top competitors of the region in the sènior, júnior, cadet and infantil categories.

Sports secretary Jordi Vidal highlighted the instructional retreat's “long history of attracting talent—from Formentera, the Balearics and mainland Spain”. He called the day “a special chance to enjoy the sport and promote teamwork and camaraderie among our youngest participants”.

This year, classes will be led by national master and sixth dan, Carlos Montero. The special guest at the event will be Maria Bernabeu, who won the bronze medal at the most recent worldwide event in Budapest.

Sports-filled spring on Formentera
Other sporting events are on the horizon, too—Regata Ophiusa, a sailing regatta; Far a Far, a footrace; the island's yearly half marathon and a road bicycle race called “el Trofeu” are among the other trials and competitions aimed not just at showcasing Formentera as a destination for tourism and fitness out of the traditional summer season, but also promoting active lifestyles among islanders.

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