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Notary watches as spots drawn for runners in Formentera's half marathon and 8K races

Foto sorteig mitja marato1The Formentera Council's Office of Sport reports that at 12 noon today, a drawing was held to determine eligible runners for Formentera's half marathon and 8K runs. The drawing was conducted in the presence of notary public Javier González Granado.

According to secretary of sport Jordi Vidal, the 2017 Mitja Marató (“Half Marathon”) on Saturday, May 12, is special because it marks the event's tenth year. “The race's growing popularity is the reason we need drawings like this one,” said Vidal, who called it “the fairest way we've found to ensure anyone and everyone keen to take part can do just that”.

Room for 3,000
A total of 3,323 runners signed up to fill 2,000 spots in the Mitja Marató; another 1,820 vied for the chance to run the 8K course, for which capacity was limited to 1,000. A computer programme generated random figures for each competition, based on those numbers, an order was established by which the 3,000 spots were filled.

For the Mitja Marató the programme summoned the number 164, so everyone from the 164th person to sign up to the 2,163rd got a spot. The figure generated for the 8K circuit was 1,600, meaning the chosen athletes were those whose registration order came between 1,600 and 1820, or 1 and 779.

Runners have from December 14 to January 8 to confirm attendance. After January 8, new winners will be chosen from among the next names on the list. For more information, visit the Mitja Marató website.

Formentera's sport community takes oath of non-violence

Foto mon esportiu1Reverberations were felt across Formentera's community of sport enthusiasts. The fitness and social welfare offices of the administration urged local sport federations to sign on to a pledge to tackle domestic violence and an associated manifesto. The gathering took place on Friday at 7.00pm at the municipal sport pitch.

On hand at the event was sport secretary Jordi Vidal, who, besides voicing a renewed commitment to the cause, said “joint action is needed if we are to promote gender equality”. Tackling the scourge, he said, “is on all of us”.

Vidal turned things over to CiF social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada, who expressed her support for the Balearic government's so-called Social Covenant against Gender Violence. The pacts adherents include the Formentera Council and sport-related clubs on the island.

The event was also attended by SD Formentera's Marcos Contreras and the national trainer of the municipal athletic club, Alba Forniet, who read opening segments of the non-violence manifesto. President Jaume Ferrer and environment councillor Daisee Aguilera also appeared at the event.

Formentera signs fitness deal with Govern

Foto conveni esports ferrer tur premsaIn a bid to foster fitness activities in 2017, the Formentera Council has struck a deal with the regional government's department of culture, participation and sport by which a fitness foundation within the department, Fundació per a l'Esport Balear, will hand over €23,000 for sport-related activities.

The agreement, signed by Govern minister Fanny Tur and Council president Jaume Ferrer, focuses on a series of fitness activities that seek to promote high performance sport as well as Formentera's image as a place for sport. As part of the deal, the Council pledges to:

-Back high-level sportspeople with noted national and international wins, such as medals at championships in Spain and participation in European and international fixtures or the Olympic Games.

-Partner with sport meets (competitions, seminars, training, etc.) that promote Formentera's image as a place for sport.

-Purchase sports equipment for the training and pre-technical programmes coordinated by the Council.

-Provide Fundació per a l'Esport Balear with proof of payment for all related expenditures as well as a brief summary of related activity to December 15, 2017.

A special commission has been created to oversee the agreement, assess (and address any issues posed by) its application and reconcile any related differences. It will be formed by two individuals: one representative of the Council and another from the Fundació. Fundació per a l'Esport Balear has also pledged to enlist a technically-trained staff to coordinate the agreement and provide necessary technical support.

Formentera pupils assemble for intra-school field day

Jornada esportiva de germanor fotoFor the schoolchildren of Formentera, the administration's Office of Sport has coordinated an all-island field day at the municipal sports pitch, part of the activities programme celebrating World Children's Day.

The 650 six- to twelve-year-olds enrolled across the island's three primary schools, in Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran and la Mola, participated in the event, which took place during school hours.

The idea, says councillor of sport Jordi Vidal, is “for children to come together and play in a way that promotes fitness and companionship between pupils of the island's different schools”.

To get there, organisers have put together a series of activities revolving around socialising, cooperation and integration. Councillor Vidal thanked Formentera schools and the Balearic federation for inclusive play for their collaboration.

Formentera promotion of sport for values education

Foto presentacio pla de valorsSport secretary Jordi Vidal sat down with department specialists Pere Serra and Michael Romero to report on the progress of the Formentera Council and Govern balear's plan to promote values education through sport. The three held a press conference at 12 noon in the administration's Sala d'Actes.

“We remain firmly convinced,” said Vidal, “of sport's ability to transmit values-based education. Whether on a team or practised individually, sport promotes not just good health, but universally beneficial social values, too.”

Vidal described the campaign's associated Values Plan as “a roadmap for everyone involved —players, parents and family members, specialists, coaches, clubs, instructors, trainers and outside consultants.” In the secretary's words, “we want sport on Formentera to be healthier, with stronger roots in values like equality, respect, commitment, effort and teamwork”.

Challenges in the future
The values-based strategy remains in place across schools this year. Programmed events have already begun, such as one talk led by triathlete Ana Casares aimed at helping secondary pupils at IES Marc Ferrer juggle schoolwork and sport. The challenge is a real one: following the strategy's launch last year, links were identified between children over 12 in sport and academic failure.

In their effort to pinpoint challenges facing values-based sport moving ahead, sport consultants were enlisted to interview trainers, parents and child athletes. Findings  were used to point out potential growth areas for sport on the island, part of an effort to ensure healthy lifestyles among future generations of Formentera adults.

Generally, the survey highlighted a need for more robust parental involvement, in particular among mothers, which were identified as those most likely to take an active role in their child's engagement on the sports pitch. Other conclusions included the need for structural changes within clubs to allow for more effective instruction; broader roles for parents, trainers and coaches; a space for instructors to share advice and experiences; and work fostering social inclusion.

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