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Formentera promotion of sport for values education

Foto presentacio pla de valorsSport secretary Jordi Vidal sat down with department specialists Pere Serra and Michael Romero to report on the progress of the Formentera Council and Govern balear's plan to promote values education through sport. The three held a press conference at 12 noon in the administration's Sala d'Actes.

“We remain firmly convinced,” said Vidal, “of sport's ability to transmit values-based education. Whether on a team or practised individually, sport promotes not just good health, but universally beneficial social values, too.”

Vidal described the campaign's associated Values Plan as “a roadmap for everyone involved —players, parents and family members, specialists, coaches, clubs, instructors, trainers and outside consultants.” In the secretary's words, “we want sport on Formentera to be healthier, with stronger roots in values like equality, respect, commitment, effort and teamwork”.

Challenges in the future
The values-based strategy remains in place across schools this year. Programmed events have already begun, such as one talk led by triathlete Ana Casares aimed at helping secondary pupils at IES Marc Ferrer juggle schoolwork and sport. The challenge is a real one: following the strategy's launch last year, links were identified between children over 12 in sport and academic failure.

In their effort to pinpoint challenges facing values-based sport moving ahead, sport consultants were enlisted to interview trainers, parents and child athletes. Findings  were used to point out potential growth areas for sport on the island, part of an effort to ensure healthy lifestyles among future generations of Formentera adults.

Generally, the survey highlighted a need for more robust parental involvement, in particular among mothers, which were identified as those most likely to take an active role in their child's engagement on the sports pitch. Other conclusions included the need for structural changes within clubs to allow for more effective instruction; broader roles for parents, trainers and coaches; a space for instructors to share advice and experiences; and work fostering social inclusion.

Details of two returning mountain-bike events announced: Volta Cicloturística and la Mola's 23rd local ride

Presentacio bttJordi Vidal, the sports secretary of the Formentera Council, was joined today by Espalmador Sport Group chief Rafael López and Unisport Consulting's Manuel Hernández for an up-close look at the Volta Cicloturística beginning tomorrow, Friday, October 27, and concluding Sunday the 29th.

The race, which will not require any roads be blocked, is expected to draw some one hundred cyclists. It is split into three segments, measures 110km in length and includes a 1,168-metre altitude change. Plus, more serious bikers are invited to take part in the 23rd BTT La Mola—a race for bicicletes tot terreny, “all-terrain bikes”, spanning 37.6km and a 850-m altitude shift. Scores from the event will count for the Pityusic BTT campionat (“championship”) on Sunday.

The Balearic Tourism Agency, or ATB, sponsors the second Volta Cicloturística, a signature part of the Discover Formentera in October catalogue to foment more travel to the island during the traditionally slower low-season months.

Find complete details about the rides at http://www.bttformentera.net/

Formentera finalises preparations ahead of face-off with Athletic Club

Foto graderies campThe Formentera Council's secretaries of sport and mobility, Jordi Vidal and Rafael González, respectively, met today with SD Formentera president Xicu Ferrer to announce details about upgrades at the municipal sports pitch in the run-up to the Formentera football club's match against Athletic Club on Wednesday, October 25. Among the topics discussed as the three congregated at noon in the press hall of Formentera's Camp Municipal d'Esports: the local plan on managing travel to and from the event.

According to Secretary Vidal, it falls to both the Council, the facilities' lease-holder, and SD Formentera, to see the match goes as smoothly as possible. He congratulated Formentera's football club on two straight years facing off at the King's Cup against a first division team, but added that “the island's image itself” would be at stake at the match, too. “At the very least,” said Vidal, “we're hoping to match the success of last year's match,” referring to the team's pairing against Sevilla.

As the sports secretary explained, rental and assembly of seating for the event will run €64,598 (plus VAT) and be covered by the Council. Another tab Vidal said the administration would be picking up: lighting, which will cost €20,929 plus VAT. Maximum capacity at the field is 2,974, with 2,616 extra seats brought in for the occasion.

The bleachers have already been installed in time for SD Formentera's Sunday bout with Hèrcules. They will be left standing after the match with Athletic Club in preparation for the next league day, which will see SD Formentera confronting RCD Mallorca.

A celebration for Formentera
For his part, SD Formentera president Xicu Ferrer said he hopes the showdown will be “not only a football match, but also a celebration for the whole island,” and encouraged locals to get their tickets, which, he noted, are available at ticket stands at the pitch or on the Trasmapi website.

According to SD Formentera's president, the group will take on the €34,500 (VAT included) cost associated with the event's management: €7,000 for employee travel, €4,000 room and board, €5,500 for staff hired by organisers, €14,000 for transport costs (Trasmpai will also collaborate), €3,000 for a private security firm and €1,000 for cleaning.

Lastly, Xicu Ferrer urged the whole island to come out at 5.00pm the day of the match to Sant Francesc's plaça de la Constitució, to “show support” and walk to the match together.

Mobility plan
Secretary of mobility Rafael González described the Council's special mobility plan for the day as aimed at making sure everyone can enter and exit the field in a “safe, orderly fashion”.

Events will proceed as follows:
3.00pm – 8.45pm: Travel along Camí Vell de la Mola will be regulated, with one-way traffic from Sant Francesc to Ca Marí permitted.
• 3.00pm – 5.00pm: All vehicles allowed.
• 5.00pm – 8.45pm: Only authorised vehicles and those of neighbourhood residents.
• 6.00pm: Entrance to match opens.
• 8.45pm – 10.30pm: Travel prohibited along Camí Vell de la Mola from Sant Francesc to the football pitch (fans will leave on foot towards Sant Francesc). Travel along Camí Vell de la Mola will be regulated, with one-way traffic from the pitch towards Ca Marí permitted.

Everyone must walk to the football pitch. On that note, the secretary called to mind Sant Francesc's roughly 1,000 parking spaces available to fans that wish to park and walk.

Reduced mobility
Individuals with special mobility needs will have a free shuttle service from 5.00pm to 7.00pm in order to get to and from the field. The shuttle will make four stops in Sant Francesc, Sa Senieta car park, Antoni Blanc sports centre car park, the Cementeri Vell car park and the roundabout. Once the match is over, the shuttle will a return service as well.

Eivissa-based visitors
A special bus service on 25 October will be available to visitors from Eivissa. From 9.30am to 7.00pm, la Savina and Sant Francesc Xavier will be linked by bus. Starting in the port, bus departures will coincide with the arrival of boats from Eivissa. The Sant Francesc stop is located at the roundabout. Access to the pitch will be limited both ways to pedestrians. Once the event is over, buses bound for la Savina will depart from the roundabout.

The €5 round-trip shuttle service will be self-sufficient except for a €760 (plus VAT) contribution from the Council.

The final meeting to coordinate safety measures at the event was held just before this morning's presentation.

This Saturday, Formentera welcomes fifth Formentera triathlon, site of Balearic championship for olympic triathlon format

Foto presentacio v triatloToday in the conference hall of the Antoni Blanc sport centre, CiF sports secretary Jordi Vidal unveiled details about an event set to descend on the island this Saturday, October 7: the fifth Triatló Illa de Formentera, or “Formentera Triathlon”. Unisportconsulting is putting on the event, and the company's chief, Manuel Hernández, plus Núria de la Torre, head of marketing of sponsoring company Trasmapi, joined Vidal for the presentation.

Vidal highlighted something special about this year's event: the Balearic Islands triathlon federation wants it to double as the regional olympic triathlon championship. Whoever walks way victorious from this Saturday's contest will also be named Balearic champion of olympic triathlon competing. In addition, Vidal welcomed the projected participation of Ana Caseres, author of “Mamá Triatleta,” a book which every participant will receive for free.

According to Hernández, roughly 300 athletes will take part in the event, with an even split between those in the sprint and olympic formats. About 230 have signed up so far. Sprint and group participants will set off at 2.30pm, first swimming 750 metres (m) in Es Pujols bay before covering 20K on bicycle and the final five on foot. The starting shot of the olympic trial is scheduled for 4.15pm. Those athletes will start by swimming 1,500m, switch to two wheels for 40K and then finish up with a 10K run.

Signups are open through tomorrow morning on the elitechip website, or can be done in person the day of the event, 9.30am to 1.00pm in Es Pujols's plaça d'Europa, during which time participants are asked to come pick up numbers.

Road closures
The road linking Es Pujols and la Savina will be closed to vehicle traffic near the Rosa Mar entrance from 2.20pm to 7.00pm. It will reopen for roughly thirty minutes at 3.30pm, then remain closed until cyclists pass at approximately 7.00pm. Vidal apologised to residents, who will need to take alternate routes, for the inconvenience caused.

In addition, Secretary Vidal thanked Trasmapi for its fifth straight year of support for the event. The Formentera Triathlon is part of Discover Formentera in October, an initiative aimed at boosting off-season visits to the island. The Balearic tax office has also provided help for the event, along with local sponsors like Viatges Es Freus, Carbónicas Tur, Frufor, Pro-auto, Autos La Mola, Formotor, Motorent Pujols and Blue Bar. Vidal also gave thanks to the Guardia Civil, the civil protection service, Formentera's local police and other volunteers for making the triathlon possible.

Members of island special needs group spend day with families on accessible sailboat

Formentera vela 30 sep 4The Formentera Council's Office of Sport has partnered with APNEEF, an association for Eivissa and Formentera residents with special needs, in organising an outing with children from the group. Participants will be taken for a ride at sea on a special accessible sailboat which the administration acquired last summer.

A group of ten—toddlers plus accompanying family members—came out for the day-long event on Saturday, September 30, which consisted in a three-hour tour of a stretch of Formentera's coast. Concurrently, it was an opportunity for the children to discover sailing in family.

According to CiF sports secretary Jordi Vidal, outings like last Saturday's are what the escola de Vela, or “sailing school,” is all about: “Bringing people on board with inclusive, recreational activities at sea”. The specially-designed watercraft was bought thanks to support from Obra Social La Caixa.

Vidal says that, depending on interest, more such activities could be on the horizon. He also hinted at similar programming for patients of the island's dependent care centre, or centre de dia. The outing had the support of Club Surf Formentera.

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