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At gala, Formentera honours icons of local sport

Premis esport formentera 201710Tonight Formentera celebrated its 2016/2017 Gala de l'Esport, an evening to recognise and pay tribute to individuals, organisations, clubs and private entities that dedicated to sports.

Awards went to:

-Best sportsman/sportswoman in the 2016/2017 season. Mateo Sanz, for qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympics, winning seventh in the world and fourth in Europe for RSX windsurfing.

Other nominees in the category included Andrea Romero (athletics), Marcos Contreras (football), Gemma Lairón (tennis), Mia Chastaing (judo) and Jacobo Domínguez (trap shooting).

-Best sponsor. Formentera's civil protection league, or Protecció Civil, for the commendable work of their volunteers, allowing sporting events to be celebrated locally. Without them such events could not happen.

Other nominees in the category included Trasmapi, Balearia, Carbónicas Tur, Frufor and Caixabank.

-Best sporting association. SD Formentera, for securing a place in Second Division B and qualifying for the round of 32 in the Copa del Rey, a match that will pit the club against a First Division team for the first time in history.

-Most renowned promotor of sport. Eugenio de la Dueña Medina (sixth dan in judo), for a 30-year dedication to teaching and promoting judo on the island.

The jury voted to give posthumous special mention to Josep Marí i Antoni Torres, for a lifetime on the SD Formentera team, on the players' roster and on management.

The jury, made up of 15 representatives from different sports groups and political groups with representation on the Formentera Council plenary, was chaired by the secretary of sport. The administration's sitting president acted as the jury's honorary chair. The jury met July 17 in the hall of ceremonies, or Sala d'Actes. The awards show took place this evening, Friday September 29, and was also attended by the Balearic minister of sport, Fanny Tur. 

This Friday, Formentera stages sports gala

Friday, September 29 at 8.30pm, Formentera will welcome the island's Gala de l'Esport 2016/2017 to the cinema. Jordi Vidal, head of sports at the Council, says the gala was “conceived to honour people, associations, sports clubs and private entities that devote efforts to fitness and sport”.

Distinctions will be given for:
- Best sportsperson of 2016/2017
- Best sponsor/partner
- Best sports group
- Most work in support of sport, nominations
- Two panel-selected “honorary mentions”

The panel, composed of 15 spokespeople from the different groups on the CiF plenary and chaired by Secretary Vidal and honorary chairperson (and sitting CiF president) Jaume Ferrer, met on July 17 in the administration's hall of ceremonies to choose the honorees.

In addition to an appearance from Balearic sports secretary Fanny Tur, Vidal encouraged the whole island to come pay tribute to the island's leading lights in sport.

With help from administration, 77 islanders specialise in scuba-diving

Foto cursos busseig vellmari reduxAccording to a report issued today by the Formentera Council's Office of Sport, 77 Formentera residents got financial help paying for recreational scuba-diving classes in 2017 with funding made possible by a deal between the Council and Vellmarí dive centre.

Thirty-seven individuals signed up to take an introductory course at a 50% discount, 15 received 60% off a “junior” course and another 25 students got instruction for ongoing divers at a 38% discount. All told, the funding totalled €7,000.

The administration hopes to see more islanders taking an interest in the island's undersea life and scuba-diving. To CiF sport secretary Jordi Vidal, conditions on Formentera “make it a no-brainer as a destination for the activity”. The Council's partnership with Vellmarí spans more than a decade. During that time, upwards of 700 residents have received specialised diving instruction, which Vidal describes as “a way to educate people about the vast wealth of our undersea habitats and posidonia meadows”.

Council's latest leg-up includes €74k in funding for local sports clubs and €9k for specialised athletes

Foto vela 2017Seventy-four thousand euros, unlocked by the department of fitness of the Formentera Council, will be handed out to eight local associations that applied for assistance promoting fitness, including Formentera's dojo and football team as well as associations built around tennis, racing, basketball and swimming, plus the Grup Esportiu Espalmador.

That was the message trumpeted by CiF fitness secretary Jordi Vidal, who highlighted the role such funding plays in driving sports clubs on the island. This year the administration will introduce early payouts of 50%. According to the secretary, the strategy is intended to reduce the financial burden on clubs.

Individual assistance
Separately the administration is also disclosed it will offer nine thousand euros to three local sportspeople. All under 18, the recipients include specialists in athletics, tennis and sailing.

Vidal framed the assistance as “a boost we hope will help our athletes get the guidance they'll need in their futures in pro sport”. The individual assistance is the result of a partnership between the Council and Fundació per a l'Esport Balear.

A second round of applications for trainers and other sportspeople. Interested parties should contact the CiF fitness office (àrea d'Esports) and visit the website http://esportesmes.org for eligibility requirements. A joint subcommittee of Council and Fundació representatives reviews applications based on need and performance.

Athletics, tennis and sailing programmes begin enrolment in Formentera's municipal sports schools

Foto nens escola de vela 2017With summer's end on the horizon, the Formentera Council's Office of Sport has announced the September return of activities at the island's sport centres. Signups at the three schools, which offer courses in athletics, tennis and sailing, will begin September 1 first at the Antoni Blanc fitness centre.

The municipal athletics centre will kick off its three-and-up programme September 14. Children aged 3 to 6 can attend Atletisme Divertit (“Athletics is Fun”) and general athletics is offered for runners aged 6 to 17. The idea, says sport secretary Jordi Vidal, is to promote running by highlighting its dynamism and creativity.

Sailing and windsurfing
This summer saw the launch of instruction at Formentera's municipal sailing school, and Vidal told islanders to expect water sports and activities to last through winter. He announced the school's September 18 start date and schedule of weekend classes.

The young sportspeople will be grouped into sailing and windsurfing for beginners and a group for children aged 6 to 17. “Conditions here make Formentera perfect for these sports,” said Vidal, “so we want to see local kids playing them and going further with their training”.

Classes for 6- to 17-year-olds, with themes like Mini Tennis, Initiation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2, will resume at the municipal tennis school too. The goal, Vidal confided, is to teach and promote tennis as a vehicle for personal development.

He encouraged islanders to visit the www.emaf.cat website or the Antoni Blanc sport centre for details on the complete course offering. The bottom line, concluded Vidal, is to get kids active and forming “life habits that are healthy”.

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